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Why choose The One Point for your VoIP service?

When you choose The One Point for your VoIP service, you will take advantage of our elite integration services.

Our experts will ensure that your communications function seamlessly, customising a range of features – including centralised reporting, dashboards, and remote access - to suit the needs of both your employees and customers.

You’ll have access to our cloud-based VoIP solutions and a range of all-inclusive minute bundles, as well as a lifetime warranty on all Yealink VoIP hardware. We also have a range of finance options available for businesses of all sizes.

Schedule a consultation today to discover how we can help you.

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Microsoft Teams Integration
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Cisco Webex Integration
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Advanced Call Centres
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Custom Auto Attendants
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Secure Call Recordings
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Allows employees to multitask
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Centralised Reporting
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What is VoIP?

VoIP, or Voice over InternetProtocol, is a technology that enables the transmission of voice communicationsover the internet. It works by converting analogue audio signals into digitaldata that can be transmitted using internet protocols.

‍This allows anyone to make a calltrough a device that has an internet connection. From business smartphones andtablets to traditional desktops and landlines, if they are connected to theweb, they can use VoIP.

At The One Point, we understand the value of omnichannel communication experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Imagine a phone interaction where account details are instantly accessed, questions are promptly addressed, and issues are efficiently resolved - all without hold times or callbacks. This level of service is made possible through our bespoke VoIP service.

The benefits of VoIP go far beyond customer satisfaction. Your employees also reap the rewards of streamlined workflows, enhanced efficiency, and improved productivity.

Additionally, your business will benefit from a cohesive and integrated communication infrastructure that supports seamless collaboration.

Call Centre Boards

One-Screen Solution

Make fast-paced business decisions with all vital VoIP data on one screen.
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Real-Time Views

Gain insights into your system performance with our "at a glance" heatmaps.
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Collaborate efficiently with VoIP integration

VoIP integration can be transformative for any businesses. It allows you to collaborate with your colleagues and communicate with your customers more effectively.

Cisco Webex VoIP integration from The One Point means you can utilise the system’s features, such as video conferencing and collaboration tools, in conjunction with VoIP. You can make and receive calls from any location, quickly add new users, utilise call forwarding and waiting, and more.

Our Microsoft Teams VoIP integration is equally impactful – incoming calls can be directed to different teams, groups, or individuals with our hosted switchboard system. Assign one or more device to each user based on their personal preferences, allowing them to work flexibly.

Cisco Webex VoIP Integration

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Meet and call on one platform

Solving hybrid work with innovative meetings & calling.

Microsoft Teams VoIP Integration

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Simple Centralised Communication

Stay connected and access shared content at any time.

VoIP calls simplified

The One Point offers VoIP call centre solutions that enable businesses to manage their calls and communications through a single platform.

Calls can be monitored and managed through a VoIP phone system, and faxes can also be sent. A web-based interface oversees operations, meaning contacts and groups can be easily customised based on personal preferences.

VoIP phone systems unite teams that are spread across several sites by placing all co-workers on the same network. Calls can be made via a softphone or computer, whether that’s in the office or on the go.

The One Point’s custom auto-attendants further professionalise the experience for customers, enabling customers to get in touch with the relevant person or department via a seamless process. This negates the need for lengthy hold times, boosting customer satisfaction.

Auto-attendants are crucial for businesses of all sizes and budgets, but particularly for larger, complex operations. The One Point are experts when it comes to customising these processes, ensuring your customers’ needs are met swiftly and efficiently.

Custom Auto-Attendants

Proffesional and efficient department directing

Streamline calls and quickly put your customers in touch with the right person or department.

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VoIP Call Centre Solutions

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Manage and monitor your calls

Compliant VoIP call recording and reporting

Call recording is beneficial for a range of businesses, whether it’s for quality control and training in the services sector, or guaranteeing compliance in regulated industries such as banking and insurance.

The One Point’s VoIP call recording allows you to record conversations for later playback, categorising incoming, outgoing, and conference calls. Conversations are store in a secure medium, such as a cloud storage solution or an off-site server.

Features such as a fast search function enable you to quickly access the conversations you need to review to maximise your employee performance and customer services.

Our expertise also means you stay compliant with any industry regulations and laws, which can be a huge task for any business looking to record customer calls.

The One Point also provides a centralised VoIP report which can enable you to easily identify any problems, make changes to improve call quality, and track trends over time.

Secure VoIP Call Recordings

We will ensure you are in line with industry regulations and laws.

Centralised VoIP Reports

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Track trends from one location

All the data you need in a single report.


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Asked Questions

Are UK landlines being phased out?

The UK is in the process of switching to internet-based phone calls, rather than the traditional copper wires that have been used for over a century. By the end of2025, the telecoms industry intends to completely retire analogue telephone networks, instead moving to a VoIP-based system.

What are the benefits of VoIP?

One of the most significant benefits of VoIP is improving collaboration. Using this service, employees will be able to communicate more clearly and effectively without having to worry about issues like call dropping or bad connections. This technology also gives large businesses the ability to grow into new markets without facing the risk of investing too heavily in landlines that could become obsolete over time. VoIP services can also reduce overhead costs because they are essentially just internet-based phone services, which requires minimal staffing to maintain.

Is VoIP worth it for a small business?

Small businesses can benefit significantly from using VoIP services. Not only is the technology affordable, but it can also improve communication and collaboration among employees. Additionally, VoIP services offer several perfect features for small businesses, such as call forwarding, voicemail to email, and conference calling. By choosing a VoIP service that offers both hosted and cloud-based solutions, small businesses can get the best of both worlds.

Is VoIP more secure than traditional lines?

VoIP typically offers stronger security features compared to traditional phone lines. VoIP calls are encrypted, making interception by hackers more difficult.

Access restrictions and call recording capabilities add an extra layer of security. In contrast, traditional phone lines lack encryption and effective auditing mechanisms. VoIP enables multi-level security practices and has fewer intermediaries, reducing the risk of attacks such as wiretapping, toll fraud, and denial of service.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Teams integration with VoIP?

Microsoft Teams integrates with VoIP to allow people across your business to communicate faster and more efficiently. Microsoft team's integration with VoIP allows for better collaboration without leaving the messaging app.

With a Microsoft Teams integration, you can make and receive a phone call in the Windows app straight from your Teams. This makes collaboration easier because you can see who is available and what they are working on. This integration also makes it easier for people to stay up-to-date with other team members' work, whether you're sitting right next to them or miles apart.

Is VoIP reliable for business?

A phone presence is essential for just about any company. Whether it’s for sales operations or customer service, brands need a method to connect with existing and future clients. Businesses are hesitant to switch from traditional landline phones to voice over internet protocol (VoIP) providers because of concerns about “dependability.”

The fact is, VoIP phone systems deliver dependable and high-quality business conversations. The notion that web-based calls aren’t trustworthy stems from the early days of internet technology when technological progress outpaced infrastructure capability to host it.

When users understand the elements involved in making VoIP phone calls, concerns about dependability vanish. Furthermore, there are things that consumers (and their phone carriers) can do to guarantee that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

When this occurs, VoIP solutions generally outperform landline services.