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Hosted VoIP with Teams and Webex.
Fully scalable from single users to multi-site call centre solutions.

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Microsoft Teams Integration

Ditch your desk phone! Use Microsoft Teams to make and recieve calls from your laptop.

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Cisco Webex Integration

Enable remote working and closer collaboration with Cisco Webex, Spaces and Meetings.

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Advanced Call Centres

Industry-leading Call Centre features including Queues, Prioritisation and On-Hold Music.

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Custom Auto Attendants

Effectively and automatically route and manage your inbound customer calls.

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Secure Call Recordings

Record your calls for training and monitoring purposes and to comply with Ofcom regulations.

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Centralised Reporting

Gain insights with Heatmaps, Agent Activity Reports, Call Centre Summaries and more.

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Cloud Hosted Infrastructure

No on-site equipment is required and our cloud data centres guarantee high-availability.

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Developer Friendly

Our Digital Services team can help you integrate with your CRM or other 3rd party software.

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Flexible Features

Easily customisable and scalable so that the system can grow with your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my internet goes off?

There are a number of backup options that can be configured for disaster recovery.

Do I get a choice of a handset?

Yes, there a multiple options depending on your requirements.

Can it run on my mobile?

Yes, there are mobile and tablet apps available for Android and iOS.

Can I plug my phone into my router wherever I am in the world and it will still work?

Yes, this is a totally hosted system that can work anywhere in the world.

How easy is it to add new/additional users?

As simple as sending an email, the system can grow with the needs of your business.

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