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What is Digital Dojo?

The One Point's Digital Dojo is an online learning platform designed to empower our customers to develop their knowledge on cyber security, computer skills and their own wellbeing. With over 900 videos available to you Digital Dojo is your pathway to success. Earn your black belt on our state of the art learning mat and become the key to your businesses security.
Microsoft Applications
Understand the in and outs of; Outlook, Excel, Teams and
many more.
Leadership Skills
With over 38 video on Leadership and Management you can help
lead your team to success.
Customer Service
Our Dojo has over 34 videos on customer care and service, enhance
your service and enhance customers experience.
Time Management
Use our videos to understand better ways to manage your time
and bring efficiency to the forefront of your operations.
Self Help
Our Dojo isn't all about working skills, we also care about people. Find
over 30 videos on mindfulness, mental health and wellbeing on our learning mat.
Develop your teams skills
Training teams can be a costly expense however with our Digital Dojo you can have the confidence that your team are getting a high quality course without the price tag.

Our courses offer structured guidance and insights to enhance personal growth and development. Providing valuable tools and techniques to overcome challenges, improve knowledge, mental well-being, and achieve goals.

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Asked Questions

What will Digital Dojo teach my team?

Our Digital Dojo has an array of courses from Cyber Security to Mental Health in the workplace. We believe that you should work to develop your teams knowledge during their time at your business, with Digital Dojo your team can learn new skills in a time efficient manner that doesn't pull them away from their working day.

How do I access Digital Dojo?

Once you start your plan with The One Point you will be automatically given access to our Digital Dojo, with a unique login for each member of your team that sign up. You can access your learning mat via our website or simply follow this link The One Point Dojo.

Why should my team learn about cyber security?

As businesses continue to depend more on technology, the risk of cyber threats has increased significantly. Therefore, it is crucial to educate your team on how they can protect the business. Cyber attacks can come in all shapes and forms including directly to your employees via email links, unathorised webpages, and credential theft. Let your team be empowered to protect your private data with our Digital Dojo.