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A Match made in heaven
In 2018, The One Point invested in Think 360, a Yorkshire, UK based software development business. Their team has many years of experience in large & small software projects in a wide range of business sectors.


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Asked Questions

Can The One Points' CRM reduce the number of systems my data is stored in?

Yes, The One Points' CRM can unite your data into one system accessible anywhere. We build you a workflow that allows native input and can integrate with other essential services. We can also limit the number of locations from which you can access the CRM. Our CRM also allows you to access your data from mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Is my business data secure on The One CRM?

With all these security measures in place, we provide a safe haven for your company's most valuable assets - its data. From SSL certificates and locked down accounts to user access controls, only authenticated users have complete visibility into what you're doing online. Our system protects against anything else getting through!

What this means to you is simply that our security infrastructure has been tested and proven time and again to provide the highest level of protection possible. We use industry best practices throughout, so you can be sure your data is secure on our CRM.

What are the benefits of a custom CRM System?

There are several advantages to using a bespoke CRM; among them:

Tailored to your specific business needs;
A custom CRM will be developed specifically for your company, taking all of your distinct processes and needs into account. This means that a generic CRM isn't going to be as helpful in assisting you in operating your business as a customised one would be.

Increased efficiency and productivity;
A bespoke CRM will let you automate many of your company procedures, saving you time and money. It will also allow you to keep track of your customer information in one place. Making it simple to locate and manage your client data.

Better customer service;
With a bespoke CRM, you'll be able to provide your consumers with a more personalized experience. This can result in increased client loyalty and satisfaction and more significant revenue for your firm.

Competitive advantage;
A custom CRM might give you a competitive advantage over firms that employ conventional CRM software. You'll be able to provide your clients with a one-of-a-kind and different experience that they won't get from other businesses with a bespoke CRM.

Can CRM Systems be tailored to my specific industry?

Yes, your custom CRM can be created specifically for you. This means that it will work with third-party applications from your sector and contain all of the necessary operations set up so that your staff must follow.
We'll help you figure out how to make the most of your team's time and resources by customizing your CRM so that it works for you.

Can a website help me sell my products or services online?

Yes, your website may assist you in selling your items or services online. You may reach a larger audience of potential consumers and make it simple for them to purchase your goods or services by setting up an eCommerce store on your site.

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