Microsoft Teams updates: What's in store for early 2023?

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January 4, 2023
Microsoft teams app screen

Have you ever found yourself in a call with someone only to be interrupted by another call? If so, you know how frustrating it can be. Luckily, Microsoft is introducing a new feature to help alleviate this problem. The “Busy-on-busy end user setting” for Teams users on Windows and Mac will allow users to manage incoming calls when they are busy in an existing call or meeting. Let's explore what this exciting new feature has to offer.

What is the Busy-On-Busy end user setting?

The Busy-on-busy End User Setting will give Teams users more control over their incoming calls. When a user is in the middle of an existing call or meeting and gets an incoming call, the settings allow them to choose from one of three options: let the calls come through, play a busy signal, or redirect the call. This way, they can decide how they want to handle incoming calls while still remaining focused on their current conversation.  

Who has access to this feature?

This feature will be available for both administrators and end users directly from their Calls settings within the app. Administrators can already configure Busy-on-busy with a policy from Microsoft Teams Admin Center but end users will now have direct access as well.  This means that any user who has access to Microsoft Teams can take advantage of this powerful new feature!

When will this feature be available?

The launch date has not been confirmed yet but it is expected that 'busy options' would arrive timely to end users next month. As soon as it does arrive, Microsoft Teams users everywhere can rejoice at being able to stay focused without interruption during their conversations!

Anything else on the horizon?

According to the Microsoft Teams road back key features expected in 2023 include:

• Support for breakout rooms during Microsoft Teams meetings

• Inline message translations

Additionally away from Microsoft there are rumours around 4k resolution video recording and the ability to edit and collaborate live over a PowerPoint.

Recently added in Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft have been busy in recent months, checkout these newly added features to help you add a little extra productivity to your workday.

•Frontline workers using shared devices can use Edge and Yammer apps on Android alongside Teams.

•Add people to a group chat with @mention.

•Sign Language View and always-on captions in meetings.

•View meeting transcripts on Microsoft Teams on Android and iOS for Government clouds.

•Receive all group chat messages with resource-specific consent.

On top of this a revamp of how Teams handles PDF's is in place which lets users set Adobe Acrobat as their default Teams PDF app and increases features available to users receiving approval request forms via PDF.

In conclusion:

Microsoft’s upcoming “Busy-on-busy End User Setting” for Teams users on Windows and Mac promises to revolutionize how people manage incoming calls when they are busy in an existing call or meeting. With three different options available—letting the calls come through, playing a busy signal, or redirecting the call—Teams users everywhere will soon have more control over their conversations than ever before! Although the launch date hasn't been confirmed yet, this exciting new feature should be available sometime next month! We can't wait!

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