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Save money with proactive data usage checking.

Poorly managed business phone contracts are costing businesses thousands of pounds each year. We can make sure your organisation does not fall into this trap. It can often be challenging to track how much data your team uses, especially if they frequently work remotely or travel. Uncontrolled use, however, risks that one person could use up all the available information for the whole group without anyone else knowing until it's too late!

One way to address this problem is with a spending cap so you'll never have to worry about how much of your monthly data allowance your team is using again. Just set a monthly spend cap, and our proactive team will make sure that you are alerted if you're close to your monthly limit.

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Implementing monitoring will reduce the chance of bill shock for pay monthly customers. Bill shock occurs when someone overuses their monthly allowance your business receives an undesirably large bill. Sometimes it can be hard to know just how much data your team needs to be productive in their jobs. However, when you keep track of your team's data usage and make sure that the set allowance is appropriate for your team's needs.


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Asked Questions

What is an O2 Business Spend Cap?

An o2 Business Spend Cap is a feature that allows you to set a monthly spend limit on data usage for your team. This is beneficial to keep track of your team's data usage and ensure that the set allowance is appropriate for your team's needs.

What happens if my team exceeds the monthly Business Spend Cap?

If your team exceeds the monthly Business Spend Cap, you will be alerted so that you can take action. This could involve increasing the cap for the following month or changing your team's data allowance to immediately respond to a data shortage.

It is possible to restrict the use of data altogether. However, the purpose is to ensure your business can continue to operate while saving you money on your data bill. This is best achieved if your usage is monitored and caught before overuse issues become expensive.

How do I set up an O2 Business Spend Cap?

You can set up an o2 Business Spend Cap by contacting our team. We will be able to help you set a monthly spend limit that is appropriate for your team's data usage.
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How will this effect third party services?

O2 spend caps can have an impact on the way businesses utilise third party services. By capping spending, businesses are limited in their ability to leverage services like website hosting, cloud storage and other IT related services. If a business plans to use these services it may be wise to use along Mobile Device Managment (MDM) services to conserve data for appropriate usage.