The 2019 iPhone - What to expect

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August 12, 2019
iphone 2019: what to expect

The rumours surrounding the iPhone 11's overall design don't hint to any drastic changes in shape or size. However, we know that it will most definitely boast "faster innards", as well as some form of enhanced camera.

Although this is the time of all things 5G related, it seems as though we won't be getting a 5G compatible iPhone until 2020.

The Deputy Editor of said:

"Don't get your hopes up for a foldable new iPhone, or even a 5G iPhone, in 2019 - Apple is likely to play things safely this year, doubling down on the iPhone X form factor from 2017."

What Apple decides to call the next generation of iPhone remains a mystery - guesses point to names such as the iPhone 11, iPhone 11R, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone Pro - but these are not confirmed.

It is most likely that Apple will launch the iPhone 11 in September, which isn't incommon for them; however, the launch could be as late as October (Apple hasn't launched a smartphone that late in the year since the release of the iPhone 4S in 2011). But, these dates still give Apple enough time for the new devices to reach the retail shelves just in time for the Christmas shopping rush.

What's the price?

Without any drastic changes expected (apart from one) to the overall design or functionality of the smartphone, the price of the 2019 iPhonee is most likely to start from around £999 ($999, AU$1,579), but this prediction is based on previous years of iPhones.

What will it look like?

It is expected that the 2019 iPhone will look pretty similar to previous years. However, the one main difference will definitely be it's hefty triple-lens rear-camera. This design can be found in most leaked videos and images of the new iPhone, which is why it seems as though it may be a reality for the new device.

The leaked images/videos of the updated triple-lens camera has definitely sparked some controversy, with many complaining about how unattractive it is compared to the previous rear-camera designs. The three lenses will be housed in a square protrusion, which takes up a lot more space.

But Apple's aim with this update is to improve the camera quality and create a professional experience with the choice of 3 lenses, such as a wide-angle lens.

Phones Editor for, James Peckham said:

"The latest leaks and rumours suggest we'll be seeing significant upgrades for the main camera, to help it beat some of the greatest Android phones such as the Google Pixel 3 and Huawei P30 Pro."

To read more about the rumours, leaks and expectations of the new iPhone 2019, click here.

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