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August 23, 2019

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10 plus and 10 plus 5G has recently been released and the iPhone 11 is right around the corner, on its way mid-September.

If you're wondering which is the right phone for you, here we will be running through the features of both flagship devices to help you decide to if you want to purchase the Samsung Galaxy now or wait it out for the iPhone.

The Samsung Galaxy note 10/10 plus and 10 plus 5G

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10 plus and 10 plus 5G, come with the S-Pen, Samsung's 'magic' stylus that neatly slots into the side of the bottom of the device, this allows users to quickly write notes using a handheld pen instead of typing them and much more. The note 10 and note 10 plus/5G will also come with the new fingerprint scanner which is embedded into the screen of the phone and you can also use face ID, although there has been some speculation online that this is not as secure as Apple's scanner.

One feature we are especially excited about is the ability to use your phone as a PC, with Samsung DeX. This means you can be sure your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be ready to go when you are.


The Samsung galaxy note 10 and 10 plus/5G also have triple rear cameras for wide-angle shots, but the camera on the note 10 phones are stacked horizontally, unlike the iPhone.

The Note 10 charges via USB-C and will likely include the charger in the box, as it has done in the past. The iPhone 11 is set to stick with Apple's lightning port.

Available in Aura black and Aura Glow.

The iPhone 11 (the rumours)

Apple are expected to be releasing three different iPhone models this year. These are the iPhone 11 pro, the iPhone 11R and the iPhone 11 Max, the biggest change coming to this year's iPhone will likely be the camera setup, this is because we are expecting at least one of the three new upcoming models will have the new triple rear-facing lens, which will allow the iPhone 11 to take much better wide-angle shots at a high quality.

iPhone 11

The front of the new iPhones are rumoured to stay the same as the previous iPhones (6.5 inches) unfortunately we will have to wait until 2020 before Apple increases to a sizeable 6.7 inches.

It is said that we will also have to wait until 2020 to use 5G on the iPhone while the Note 10+ 5G will already be able to use 5G out of the box,

5G networks are the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections on smartphones and other devices than ever before. Learn more

The new iPhone 11 is also set to come with the new iOS 13 update which has new features such as dark mode, a feature that allows iOS 13 users to change the entire look of the operating system from light to dark, you can also have a custom schedule so you can have dark mode set to turn on automatically while it is night or you can manually change it if you are in a dark environment so you do not have to strain your eyes. iOS 13 will also be available to users of the iPhone 6s and above.

dark mode

Image Credit Tech Radar

One further point we do want to add is that neither of the devices will have/expected to have a headphone jack, so wired headphones will no longer be an option.

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