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February 23, 2022
One of our experts

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, and business need to react quickly, choosing the right mobile plan becomes challenging. Businesses need mobile plans that are flexible as they evolve and with no hidden fees.

And business owners should not have the worry of team data overuse or the hassle of managing a complex and stifling contract.

With our fixed cost O2 mobile plans, you'll know exactly what your contract spend is each month without any nasty surprises. Plus, with our award-winning customer service, flexible tarrifs and daily usage management we can be there for you no matter what issues and changes your business faces along the way.

Business Mobiles with The One Point means you get a service that really is the best of both worlds. Since the O2 network is voted best in the UK for business and for network coverage.

And just to make life even easier for you, in 2022, you will not have to worry about the costs of data when travelling abroad. O2 is the only major network that will not charge customers (new and existing) any extra when roaming in EU zones.

Roam like at home on O2

More benefits of our business mobile solution

A business mobile solution can help your company stay connected and efficient while on the go. Here are just a few of the many benefits of using a business mobile solution.

  1. Increased productivity - With a business mobile solution, employees can access their work email and files from anywhere to stay productive even when not at the office.
  2. Enhanced communication - A reliable business mobile solution makes it easy for employees to communicate with each other, whether in the same room or across the globe.
  3. Improved customer service - Companies can provide better customer service by having a business mobile solution. By having a flexible, fast business mobile solution, your customers rapidly get a response from your team.
  4. Improved security - With an effective business mobile solution, companies can protect their data and prevent costly viruses from affecting their network.
  5. Reduced costs - Businesses that use an effective mobile solution often see a reduction in expenses, especially when it comes to data and hardware costs.
  6. O2 Priority - Enjoy exclusive rewards such as cut-price tickets to the O2 arena, luxury spa breaks, and a weekly free coffee. There are many perks on O2 priority.

What next?

A business mobile solution can provide various benefits for your company, such as increased productivity, enhanced communication, improved customer service and reduced costs.

With our fixed cost mobile plans, you'll have everything you need to get started with a business mobile solution that fits your needs. Contact us today to learn more!

Call 01482 420150.

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