Is that QR code as safe as you think it is?

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November 27, 2023
Beware QR code cyber criminals
  1. Avoid scanning QR codes from suspicious or unknown sources.
  2. Use a QR scanner app with a URL preview feature to inspect the destination URL before proceeding.
  3. Invest in robust cybersecurity solutions to shield your business from potential QR code scams.

QR codes, an abbreviation for 'Quick Response' codes, have become a common sight on everything from product packaging to advertising posters. These square-shaped barcodes are interactive links that can be scanned using a smartphone to perform various actions like directing to a website, initiating a file download, or prompting an app to perform a specific task. Their user-friendly nature and versatility make them highly beneficial for diverse business applications.

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However, the very qualities that make QR codes so practical for businesses also make them an attractive tool for cybercriminals.

Understanding the Risks of QR Codes

Much like any clickable link, QR codes are susceptible to exploitation by malicious entities. There are numerous free online platforms that enable users to create custom QR codes linking to a destination of their choice. This means that ill-intentioned individuals can craft QR codes that lead to harmful websites or trigger malware downloads onto your device. These deceptive QR codes can be distributed through emails, social media, printed materials, or even by replacing legitimate QR codes with fraudulent stickers.

Safeguarding Your Business Against QR Code Threats

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To ensure safe usage of QR codes in your business, consider these key precautions:

  1. Refrain from scanning QR codes from unverified or suspicious sources. If you come across a QR code promising attractive rewards from an unknown source, it's advisable to steer clear.
  2. Utilize a QR scanner app that offers a URL preview feature when scanning a QR code. This allows you to inspect the destination URL before proceeding further.
  3. If you scan a QR code and it directs you to a suspicious URL, asks for login credentials, or displays irrelevant content, close your browser immediately.

With an understanding of potential risks and the adoption of appropriate safety measures, QR codes can serve as a valuable asset for your business.

Secure Your Business Today

At One Point, we offer robust cybersecurity solutions to shield your business from threats like QR code scams. Contact us today to learn how we can help protect your digital assets and provide a secure environment for your business operations. Remember, in the fast-paced digital world, staying ahead is the key to successful business continuity.

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