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TOP Self-Regulate Mobile Division to Protect Customers

Posted on Jan 09, 2012.

The One Point have published its own Code of Conduct in a step to disassociate itself from mis-selling operations popping up throughout the UK.  The code has been written as a pledge to The One Point customers and outlines how they should look to be treated and managed from mobile contract inception and throughout the lifetime of their agreement with their chosen noetwork.  Steps like these from The One Point clearly demonstrate why The One Point won UK Mobile Dealer of the Year last June and why The One Point were so highly praised for the company\'s ethical and value approach towards customers in a rapidly changing market.

Alison Ellis, Director of the Mobile Division said; "Customers are easily confused about deals, there are so many options available on the market - so many tariffs, handsets and packages.  What we believe in doing is recommending the right package - not the one that might make a short term 'buck'.  We genuinely believe that a customer will remain loyal if they are treated well."

"By introducing our own code of conduct we are making a pledge to our customers, new and existing.  They know what they should expect and evaluate us against these pledges."



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