Post-pandemic: Businesses must be on high alert for cyberattacks

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August 10, 2021

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, cybercriminals now have more opportunities than ever before.

In response to the outbreak, 55% of businesses purposefully bypassed their security practices in order to keep employees connected and working remotely. This data was found in a report from consultancy EY based on a poll of 1,000 security professionals.

Additionally, 43% of respondents reported feeling unnerved by cyber threats, and 39% felt that their old security budget was not sufficient to keep up with more sophisticated hacks.

77% said they have witnessed an increase in negative attacks over the last twelve months--up from 59%.

"The speed of change that businesses have had to adapt to this past year came with a heavy price. The need to rapidly transform to survive meant that security was often overlooked, noted Kris Lovejoy, EY Global Consulting Cybersecurity Leader.

"The risks of simply moving on, especially as businesses look to maintain some of these working practices in the post-Covid era, without addressing these cyber gaps, are very real and increasingly urgent."

To improve security, businesses need to cultivate closer relationships between an information security officer and other business functions. In particular and a information security officer's ability to build partnerships with the rest of the business will likely result in better cybersecurity implementation.

While business owners are focused on transforming their company through technology, they should not ignore the cyber threats posed by the same technology. These business owners need to make sure that their whole team understand how adding cybersecurity safeguards can help transform a company.

How Can The One Point help

Cyber Security is a growing concern for businesses of all sizes. SMB's are particularly vulnerable because they often lack resources needed to fight of attacks.

Cyber criminals often target small businesses, because they know that most won't have adequate protection. Larger companies are more likely to invest in anti-virus software and other security measures, but smaller firms might not be able to keep up with the latest threats.

Our business IT support packages include unlimited phone and email technical support as well as access to our remote monitoring tools, which let us monitor your network activity 24/7 so we can detect any suspicious activity early on before it becomes a major problem. We also provide you with free anti-virus software that's compatible with your existing system so you never have to worry about protecting yourself against ransomware attacks or other types of cybercrime again!

If you want peace of mind knowing that your business has TOP notch security measures in place, contact The One Point today at 01482 420150 for more information on how we could help protect your organisation.

Our expert team are waiting to take your call.

Learn more about The One Point as a ISO 270001 accredited service provider and why that matters to your business.

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