The myth of the 100% effective ransomware protection

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April 22, 2021
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Making data security a top priority is a big job, and it's one your whole business needs to take seriously.

Research suggests 77% of companies infected with ransomware are running up-to-date endpoint protection. Even with highly robust defences, it's almost impossible to prevent a ransomware attack today. Malware is continually evolving, and anti-malware software is struggling to keep up. Once an infection has occurred, removing the ransomware is highly unlikely. If your business cannot prevent an attack, recovering from it remains the only option.

Paying up doesn't guarantee you will get your data back

Not all ransomware behaves as expected. The decryption might fail, or the hacker could demand a second higher ransom fee. Besides, there is nothing to stop cyber-attackers from targeting your organisation again if you confirm willingness to pay a ransom.

Adopt a recovery-first approach

Data recovery should be at the forefront of your defence plan. You need to ensure you create isolated backups that are kept separate from the live environment. Make use of an offsite location, preferably in a cloud service designed for this purpose. This tactic is necessary as modern ransomware now actively targets backups on the same network to increase payment likelihood.

Cloud-based backup - the best last defence

We work with Redstor to enable you to recover all data and systems to a state before a ransomware infection took hold. This best practice negates ransomware's effects, avoiding the need to pay a ransom and allowing you to recover from an attack without having to invoke a whole disaster recovery scenario. Our cloud technology encrypts data before it leaves your devices. Data remains encrypted at all times on our platform, ensuring ransomware can't execute.

There's no hardware required, and with a simple, intuitive installation process, so we could protect your business's data in minutes.

Many businesses think they are protected but, in reality, operate on top of dusty old disaster recovery plans that have never been tested or reviewed. Other companies see the risk but frequently take the "it won't happen to me approach".

So what do you do if you want data security to stay on the agenda long term?

At The One Point, we have partnered with Redstor. We can deliver you all of the power of a specialist cloud data backup alongside all the benefits of having a single point of contact to manage all your business technology needs.

Together with Redstor, we have provided a helpful document to address the barriers faced by businesses and what they did to overcome them. We encourage you to use this document to kickstart meaningful discussions around cloud data backups to solve the ransomware threat.

Download the avoiding ransomware fallout guide

Of course, advice and support is always available from The One Point to help you start the process of protecting your business from the Ransomware threat.

Chat with a member of our team today on 01482 420 150.

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