Get yourself a free portion of phish and chips


We are offering you free phishing simulations and you will receive a £15 Just Eat Voucher!

What is Phishing?

A type of online scam where cybercriminals send fraudulent communications that appear to come from reputable sources, like banks, social media platforms, or government agencies.

These messages usually aim to trick individuals into providing sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers, or personal details.

Phishing attacks often come in the form of emails but can also occur through text messages, phone calls, or even social media messages.
What's Included:
- Fully customised simulation.
- Post simulation review call.
- Risk reports.
- Training content for your team.
- QR phishing checks.
- Failure notifications.

Asked Questions

What is the benefit of phishing simulations?

Phishing simulations can help you identify weak spots in your security protocols. Once you have this knowledge you can educate your team on ways they can protect your business and further understand cyber security processes.

How will I know my teams performance?

Once you begin your simulation we will provide you with feedback reports where you can see which of your employees have been successful in noticing scams and which have failed. We can then provide you with cyber security training and provide your staff with the knowledge they need to keep your business safe.

Why should my employees be trained to notice scams?

As businesses continue to depend more on technology, the risk of cyber threats has increased significantly. Therefore, it is crucial to educate your team on how they can protect the business. Cyber attacks can come in all shapes and forms including directly to your employees via email links, unathorised webpages, and credential theft.