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March 18, 2024
Zebra Technologies and The One Point

Zebra Technologies offers quality engineering, reliable operation, and basic features at an affordable price—both at the point of purchase and across the entire lifecycle. Offering a range of technologies, Zebra is able to offer an entire enterprise solution that, when devices are combined, provides seamless operation. 

So, where will you see Zebra Technologies in the wild?


Within the retail sector, an increase in demand for mobile scanners and on-the-go technology has become the norm. Going into a store and selecting "scan and go" instead of a traditional shopping method is more efficient and time-saving for many modern-day customers. In addition to giving power to customers, you can empower your staff with handheld devices and work cloud inventory solutions that allow more efficient scanning, stacking, inventory control, and customer service. 

A high street store that has adopted Zebra Technologies is The Works. It implements work cloud inventory visibility solutions that help increase the accuracy of stock files, leading to better replenishment and customer service. The Works' original challenge was ensuring accurate and efficient store inventory management. They wanted to sustain a precise inventory and reduce any surplus within that record, so Zebra implemented the following solutions.

-       Zebra Workcloud Inventory Visibility

-       Zebra TC2x Series mobile computer

-       Zebra TC52 Mobile Computer

-       Zebra ZQ600 Plus Series Mobile Printer

As a result of implementing Zebra technologies, the store has developed an accurate and robust stock file that aids in precise replenishment. Individual stores are empowered to perform their own stock counts along with improved customer satisfaction by ensuring immediate fulfilment and stock availability.


DPD is the country's second-largest parcel service, with over 400 million parcels delivered worldwide every year. The company needed to improve its parcel delivery process's efficiency, productivity, and transparency. They required a robust digital solution that could handle the daily need of scanning parcels, providing proof of delivery and document handover with a digital signature. To battle this challenge, they implemented a Zebra TC77 Mobile Computer; now, DPD has an all-in-one customer-facing device for pick-up and deliveries. They scan up to 1000 parcels daily, allowing drivers to add notes about particular deliveries. 

So, whenever you place an order with your favourite retailer, you can expect the warehouse to use barcode scanners and printers to select your order and prepare it to be sent. Once dispatched, the delivery driver will have a handheld or mobile scanner to confirm delivery. Every order you place, and every item you receive will be scanned or labelled by intelligent hardware. 

Why not transform your business with Zebra Technologies?

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