Xiaomi challenges Oppo, revealing 'under display' camera

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June 4, 2019
Mobile device

Changing the nature of front-facing cameras seems to be the new trend for smartphone manufacturers. Whether it's punch-hole or side-mounted, manufacturers are really focusing on trying to minimise the size of the front-facing camera, whilst enhancing the quality and performance.

However, the focus on the above has just made a huge jump to completely hidden front cameras!

Hours after Oppo announced a smartphone with an under display camera, Xiaomi wasn't far behind revealing their rival smartphone with the same concept of an under display camera but allegedly with higher specifications than Oppo's.

Xiaomi announced their rival smartphone through a video, 'firing back with an allegedly 'more advanced' under display camera.

Although both companies have announced the main feature of their newest smartphones, Xiaomi's video (compared to Oppo's) definitely seems as though they are further along the manufacturing process, as we actually get to see the full smartphone in action in Xiaomi's video, whereas we don't get that in Oppo's.

Do you want a sneak peek at the future? Here you go...introducing you to Under-Display Camera technology

#InnovationForEveryone pic.twitter.com/d2HL6FHkh1

— Xiaomi #5GIsHere (@Xiaomi) June 3, 2019

For those seeking the perfect, notchless smartphone screen experience ‚Äì prepare to be amazed. √∞¬≤  

You are taking a very first look at our under-display selfie camera technology. RT! 𤯠pic.twitter.com/FrqB6RiJaY

— OPPO (@oppo) June 3, 2019Under display cameras are pretty self-explanatory but just to be clear...

Under display cameras have the ability to 'see' through the thinnest area of a phone's screen. This means that a smartphone can have a screen that is completely uninterrupted by a notch.

Whether consumers are even bothered about a screen being disrupted by a notch or not, remains to be seen. The under display camera could be a gimmick, but regardless, smartphone manufacturers, Xiaomi and Oppo, are paving the way for these new features.

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