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September 15, 2021
An Apple iPhone

Finding the right business mobile plan can be challenging with so many handsets and tariffs on the market.
Mobile phones are now an essential tool for getting business done. With mobile working being such a huge part of modern life, it makes sense to take some time to focus on your mobile strategy.

Business mobile facts, why businesses need features from their 5G phones like great battery life and super fast speeds.

It's always exciting to get a new phone, but how do you know that what you're investing in for the next few years is the right option for your team?
Let us help take the pressure off with our explanations of some of the most important considerations to make before your business's next significant upgrade.

What are the best 5G phones recommended by The One Point?

FWhat are the best 5G phones recommended by The One Point?

First, let's start with the fun part. Choosing your new device. Apple or Android, we have you covered with some great options.

We know what businesses need, and that's coverage, speed and reliability. For that reason, we look here at some of the best 5G phones, including a budget alternative.

Our in-house smartphone expert John Hooley has selected the following phones recommended for business owners needing to upgrade today.

iPhone 13 Pro Max 5G

The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is like no other device to Apple fans. It's great screen, great battery life and features like wireless charging make it one of the best 5G phones around.

The iPhone 13 lineup has been announced, and it's packed with high-end features. The new devices are faster than ever thanks to their A15 Bionic chip, which includes three all-new cameras for enhanced photography capabilities and improved display technology that can go up to 120Hz ProMotion at 1k nits brightness!

Samsung S20 FE 5G

The Samsung S20 FE is one of our favourite 5G phones offering super fast speeds and long battery life.

The Samsung S20 FE is a sleek and fast 5G phone that offers the best of both worlds if you're looking to be productive but still stylish on the go. It's got long battery life for your busy days, but it can still handle streaming videos or downloading apps quickly enough not to slow you down! We can't recommend this one highly enough for Samsung fans looking for a business 5G phone with solid network connectivity.

Samsung A32 5G

The Samsung A32 5G device offers great performance. A mid range 5g phone with great battery life and is one of the best budget phones released in our opinion.

The Samsung A32 5G device offers excellent performance; this mid-range phone has exceptional battery life and solid performance. This device may be a more budget-friendly option than some flagship Samsung options, but its OneUI, standard camera and screen mean it feels far from a cheap phone.
Of course, our recommendations don't just stop here. We have an excellent range of Samsung phones perfect for businesses, including the Samsung Galaxy note range. Additionally, we can offer from the Google Pixel range, the Sony Xperia range and the Apple iPhone range.

SIM-only options for 5G phones are possible too

Still love your phone but desperately need an upgrade in networks and customer service? Then our 5G Sim Only plans would work great for you.
Sim only plans offer customers a chance to upgrade their contracts without customers ever having to switch their phones.
The best thing about our sim-only deals is that you can get unlimited data, minutes, and texts for an affordable price.
For customers on the O2 network, we also offer excellent support on all of our services. Rest assured, you are in expert hands. As an O2 Direct Partner and O2 partner of the year, we have a track record of offering the highest standard of customer care.

Features to look out for when buying a new phone

Certain features will always be popular, and for a good reason too. That's why you will find our team ensuring you have what's best for your business, and that means helping you choose features that business phone users need.

Features like:

Wireless charging - Say goodbye to tangled wires and hello to a simpler life. Wireless charging allows you to charge your phone, tablet, or other devices without hunting down a cable and even lets you make use of phone features that are sometimes inaccessible as your phone charges.

Unlimited minutes, Unlimited texts - No one wants to be concerned about the possibility of a nasty surprise when they receive their bill. To make life easier for our customers, this is why we offer some incredible flexible tariffs with unlimited minutes and unlimited texts.

Excellent battery life - An unreliable battery can be a real pain when working on the go as smartphones become the portal to many business functions and communications. A great battery that doesn't drain at the worst possible moment is crucial for you and your team. Long-lasting battery life will mean you are ready for whatever your business needs.

5G Ready - 5G phones have quickly become the most in-demand feature for business owners looking for a new device. The first and most crucial advantage of 5G connectivity is that it will improve the performance of your device with fast download speeds, low latency and brilliant bandwidth. With 5G, you are paving the way for a plethora of new real-time and on-demand opportunities.

Camera performance - Whether updating your business social media or collecting great product images, a camera is a must for modern businesses looking for modern smartphones. We can help with a range of phones. All with stunning front and rear cameras, and each with an excellent screen for whether you're watching movies or just wanting to see on-screen colours pop.

Contract deals to make you smile - most businesses are looking for more than just a cheap phone deal, most devices can offer some brilliant features, but much of the time, it is the service and contract that makes or breaks the whole experience. Upgrades don't just apply to devices. If you're unhappy with your supplier, you will undoubtedly find the award-winning customer service and expertise offered by The One Point to be refreshing.

How can 5G ignite digital transformation?

Now consider for a moment the impact your mobile strategy can have on your business.

Digital transformation is more than just a buzzword. It describes how a wave of technological revolution is sweeping the world. No sector is immune, and businesses not keeping up to date may suffer as consumer spending changes.

5G is an exciting recent development in mobile technology. Best of all, a 5G upgrade is an effortless way for businesses to escape time warps of dated devices and unimaginative network tariffs that hold them back instead of propelling them forward.

5G is simply great for business. You will experience much faster speeds, boost your connectivity and create the right impression with your customers from the very first call.

Some quick facts about 5G include:

  • 5G is expanding. As O2 sweep across the UK with network upgrades, coverage for the technology is improving rapidly.
  • 5G is green; the technology runs on an energy-saving network costing the environment far less than older technologies.
  • 5G is secure; inbuilt security stacked on top of carrier-grade security will future proof your business for years to come.

If you want to know more, then read the O2 infographic here describing how your business could experience improvements in productivity, connectivity and more.

The questions to ask yourself before you decide on what's right for your business

There are so many choices to make when buying a new phone. Asking the right questions at the start of this process will help you get the most out of your investment.

This list applies to both the Apple iPhone and Android phone ranges.

Do you need a phone plan with unlimited data?

Do you need to monitor and track data from afar or always be ready to take Microsoft Teams calls? Then be sure to make sure you have data capabilities to match up.

Are coverage and speed necessary to you?

Coverage and network speed should be a top priority if you travel frequently and find yourself away from reliable WiFi.

Do you need to protect lone workers?

As an employer, you may have a legal requirement to protect team members who work alone. Ensuring the best chance of them having good connectivity gives them and you peace of mind.

How important is the latest technology to you?

What do you need for your business to operate? Is the best connectivity more essential, or can you not afford to compromise on the best camera around. What about your team? Do individuals need specific functionality to operate effectively?

When do your contracts start and end?

Larger teams can mean multiple start and end dates for contract phones, which can be difficult to track. Coterminous agreements prevent confusion with all team members starting and finishing on the same dates.

Do you need to protect your device from damage?

Phones break, whether that's due to working in dangerous areas like construction sites or just having a track record for clumsiness. We can help with some attractive insurance options.

Do you need a better battery life?

Regardless of how you receive your data, heavy use will drain your battery fast, especially in an age of video calls, so you'll need a capable smartphone that can keep up with your workday.

How else can O2 help your business?

With O2, you get greater flexibility and unrivalled service. Their award-winning network means you stay connected whenever you're doing business. They give you the coverage, reliability and security that your business needs. That's why O2 has repeatedly won industry awards.
O2 is a network you can trust. They will be there for you whenever you're doing business—giving you the coverage, reliability and security your business demands. That's why they regularly win industry awards.
O2 is all about flexibility; this is achieved through its range of apps and digital services available to business users. One such service is Workforce Management allowing you to digitise your staff workflow and shift scheduling. This service will help get the best out of people at work and drive higher staff utilisation, satisfaction, and task performance while giving your business room to grow.

Why work with The One Point?

The One Point is a business with a track record proving we are the best. With awards and recognition in areas from Customer Focus to Keeping Britain Working (through a global pandemic), our people can confidently say we have a lot to be proud of.
We have over 15 years of experience in telecommunications, and our team have helped thousands of businesses up and down the UK take control of their digital technologies. When you're looking for a company that can help your business be connected, look no further!
Call us today on 01482 420150 or email sales@theonepoint.co.uk if you want the best value for money from your next mobile upgrade/trade-in!


Mobile communication is a must for any business.

As businesses owners, we know we are increasingly reliant on mobile technology to stay productive. Everyone starts loving their new mobile phone, but eventually, these essential devices can be a real pain point eating into your resources.

  • Slow and unreliable networks mean your business is always at risk of being disrupted by slower connections or dropped calls that lead to lost productivity.
  • Complexity means your team has to waste time with clunky processes when you could be getting work done.
  • Security risks make it hard for businesses to keep their data safe from hackers stealing important information like customer details or financial records.

5G is best for businesses because it increases speed, coverage and security. With the right mobile plan, you can future-proof your business with 5G technology that will be here to stay well into the next decade.

If this article has piqued your interest in how 5G could help your business grow faster than ever before, let's talk!

The O2 infographic outlines some of the benefits of upgrading to a new 5G phone today - but there are many more reasons why investing in better devices now will prove to be an invaluable investment down the line.

So give us a call on 01482 420150, and we can tell you more about what makes the best mobile phones for the business.

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