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October 6, 2021
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Do you need help with website branding?

Website branding is the process of designing your website to represent your business and make it stand out from the competition. This blog post will discuss website branding in web design and how to combine a beautiful website with the right message you want to describe your organisation.

Part 1 is a discussion about crafting the right message.

Part 2 is a discussion about the visual elements of eye-catching websites.

Branding your business website.

Why do you need a branded website?

A website consistent with your brand image and personality is much better than a site that looks just right. The content of a small firm's homepage determines its audience perception of your brand.

A brand website will strengthen customer connections and build trust. When your brand demonstrates that it relates to you value them well as its customers do, your customer can be a best friend.

Bringing out the personality of a brand through website design can have an amazing effect on its audience. This means being true to what you offer, within reason. The website should be something you are proud of and makes people want to keep looking at it.

Do you need help to get started with your website brand identity, look no further we're here to help. Our tips and resources will help you find the right track on the way to a perfect branded website.

Have a clear goal for your brand's website

Knowing the goal for your website helps you understand how exactly to present yourself to your potential buyers.

Web designers may have many questions, and you may not feel like you have the answers or know what you want from every attribute or feature.

However, some digging can crystalise your values and create a perspective on your branding. Websites are produced based on different purposes. Understanding why you are building one is the first step to developing a brand with the maximal impact at first glance.

Know who your target audience is.

Typical questions designers ask include:

Tell me the reason why this website is important to you?

Perhaps you want to increase inbound leads, sell directly online, reach a wider audience or provide a service.

What is your brands' unique selling Point?

Why should customers choose you? Example: The One Point is a Single Point Of Contact for all a business's technology needs.

How can you back up your claims?

Do you have awards and accreditations that prove your trustworthiness? Do you have an eventful business space that proves your vibrance?

What kind of audience do you need to draw to your website?

What makes them tick? What problems do they have that you can solve? Do they even know they have these problems?

A branded website for any business type.

We can help you create a website for any need or business type, whether crafting your website's look and feel, tone of voice, design elements, or functionality. The final result will be a website that will fulfil your aspirations and function as an influential online web presence.

Consideration to make take your brand online

There are a lot of website services available today, and there is a good chance that you will be able to find something for your business. However, when deciding on the website's features there are a lot of options you will encounter as you perfect your online presence.

Branding websites made easy.

To help you be ready to take on these options it is ideal to know what you want to say to your audience. This way you are not trying to bend your brand to a pre-configured design that suited the whim of your designer on that day.

This is why you need to start with your story.

Show prospective customers your brand's voice.

Define your brand identity

Your brand's personality is your character. It contains a set of common attributes and behaviour which you apply across your image and voice.

In creating a website, your choice of visuals and text must be consistent with your brand identity.

Let us walk through the process of creating branding images and branded content on your website. There are five kinds of brands personality.

Add personal details

People want to see the faces behind your company identity. So infuse a human touch into your website.

Social elements and case studies all add social proof to back up your value propositions. Unique images work great too and help show brands that there is are a genuine, relatable person or team behind the logo.

Another element that builds credibility to your brand is the testimonial. Secure the client's permission and then mark space on your homepage for real story quotes from people impacted through your business.

Guide customers, who are willing to write a testimonial for you, ask them a specific question, like how your product or service has made a difference to them?

A benefit of this approach is the customer may be more willing to write when not staring down a blank page.

Introduce your target customer to your brand story.

Display your Values & Purpose

It would be best to establish your brand in your purpose, sometimes described as stating your why.

Along with showing your brand's values, your website can quickly answer questions about why your visitors should trust the brand.

Your audience perceives logo, layout, images and quality as your websites marketing.

Show consistency to your target audience

If a business does not know its identity or purpose, it will not inspire any sense of trust with its prospects and customers. Consistency is fundamentally important in constructing a brand. Consistency is crucial to ensuring that all brands are cohesive.

Visual elements create a great first impression.

A mission statement has freedom and fluidity for adapting with the brand based on user needs.

Part 2 - Consider visual elements of web.

There are basics that every web design company knows to build in as standard.

A few examples include ensuring the website works across all devices, is SEO optimised, and is accessible to users with disabilities.

Your web designer should know to use these technical strategies like your baker knows to place the cookie dough in the oven.

Design visuals, however, can be a little more challenging to pin down since design is so subjective.

Know that web trends are not brand identities

Whether its parallax scrolling or drag and drop editor, design trends come and go every year. Your website design will ultimately need more than just impressive visuals. By all means, do make use of web trends but know why and how they boost your brand message.

Place your logo strategically

Be careful about how you present your brand on your landing page. Visitors are more likely to remember a logo placed around the top left corner than the right because most languages read from left to right. A brilliant idea would be to group the logo and navigational areas close to each other to have a smooth user experience.

Accent your content with strong quality images

Graphics on your site powerfully portray your message. Using sparingly subtle accents on the pictures or logos adds creative depth. They should both enhance and clarify the brand voice. Images should also be clear, never pixelated, since this reflects your brand's attention to detail.

Layout is a big part of branding efforts.

You can also experiment with background or banner images on your website's home page or landing pages to create even more dimensions and refine the brand identity.

Have an appropriate business website layout

Your website layout is a more sophisticated method of introducing your audience to your company. Choose a layout that uses pictures and favours visual design features if your company sparkles more by visual features.

Your website should be clear with sufficient white area with straightforward navigation bars that facilitate the browsing experience according to your brand.

Keep your website branding simple

The more colours and variation of a picture, the higher the complexity, and there's more work in your eyes to get information to your brain. Subsequently, visitors leave not knowing what you are trying to say.

A more straightforward website is easier to digest, and people are better satisfied having found what they need quickly. Learn from Google as the best example of efficient simplicity online.

Select the right features and resources

Interactive features can increase website engagement. The options are plenty, but what kinds of features can help your brand thrive.

Be creative and innovative, don't go for the website features that everyone else has. Think about your target audience and what they want on a website to make them stick around. If you can provide this in conjunction with your branding goals, all the better! Some popular website features include:


A website with a chatbot is more likely to be seen by website visitors if they are looking for information or want to know how it works because it automatically interacts with the website visitor.

The many advantages of including chatbots on your website are that your website will have higher visibility, thus increasing engagement rates. Chatbots are also capable of creating personalised web pages which can improve user experience and engagement rate.

Site visitors love FAQ's.

FAQ pages are long-established components that many website owners don't consider, mainly because they take time to create. But as engagement is essential for implementing FAQs that will help you be more visible online. Easy readability provides another reason why FAQs are a necessary component of design. It is a win-win tactic for your online marketing.

Say hello to google, the FAQ is the perfect place for long form content.

Interested readers might appreciate the ability to quickly scan information to find the answer they need without going through many links or puzzling through dense text - especially since this content is usually quite frequently updated by the website owner as new questions arise. Last but not least, FAQ pages can increase your site traffic because they rank well on search engines due to their popularity among users looking for answers.


Video to stand out from the crowd.

Including video as a website design tool is a great way to increase website engagement. Video can convert website visitors into users and keep them actively browsing for more- if done correctly. Studies show that videos on websites engage people at least 50% more than the written word alone.

Watching videos engages people more than reading text because they may perceive someone talking directly to them (it feels like they're listening), anticipate what will happen next, their attention span often stays tuned in.

Calls to action

Calls to action can guide a potential customer on your landing page.

Calls to action are simply the words on your website guiding your new potential customer on what they should do next to access your service. Adding calls to action will increase on-page engagement because it's another way for website visitors to become an active part of the content.

  • Calls to action are also known as "CTA" or "callouts".
  • Calls to action might include phrases like, "Contact us today", "Visit our store", or even just a simple 'Buy Now!' button.
Get social when marketing your brand name.

Social media integration

Increased website engagement is improved by including social media integration. Social content allows the website to encourage visitors to engage with it on other platforms, like Facebook or Twitter. It shows the brand engages with its audience and helps build trust and authenticity.

In turn, this trust leads to more time spent on the website and may even lead to more page views. The website can also post links to these accounts, which creates a bit of cross-advertising that might work well for clients who build relationships with their fans through social media channels.

Shopify integration

Integrating Shopify will allow you to design and set up your website in ways that a web platform provider need not dictate. This means that you can better customise your site content and, as well as the layout of sections on the website itself.

Shopify allows your visitors to make purchases directly from a landing page. This feature makes it very easy for you to sell products and services on the website, allowing customers interested in purchasing with you to do so without going through any extra hoops.

What next?

Branding personality is important for engagement and will influence your web page ranking, so implementing branding into your marketing efforts will help you be more visible online.

Branding that uses storytelling can increase your site traffic because it ranks well on search engines due to its popularity among users looking for answers. Our team of experts are ready and waiting to partner with you in order that we may create a stellar online presence that drives traffic to your brand.

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