The power of 5G - Update

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January 7, 2019
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Here are some important and interesting updates surrounding 5G (this information was taken from the official 5G news website).

When is 5G arriving?

Data research firm, GlobalData, is predicting a trickle followed by a rush when it comes to 5G in 2019.

Although it is expected that a number of commercial 5G services will roll out 5G in 2019, the data research firm predicts most 5G services will not gain traction until late 2019 or early 2020.

This prediction has been based on limited initial coverage and poor device availability, along with a lack of clear consumer business cases for 5G.

Another factor contributing to the slow adoption of 5G is that Apple is not expected to be releasing devices ready to support 5G until 2020.

5G Spectrum sharing

Spectrum sharing could be the most powerful differentiator between 5G and 4G.

5G networks will need both low frequency spectrum that works well over long distances and while moving around and through obstacles, and high frequency spectrum, which works better over short distances, offering higher capacity.

With there only being a limited amount available, we can not afford to waste it.

Spectrum sharing and 5GRuralFirst will focus on the unused spectrum that may have been wasted in the past, and will now be shared with local communities, organisations and service providers.

Small Cell design

Small cell designs will be at the heart of 5G networks, but their designs and placements are important, as the frequency bands used for 5G will be short range and loose energy as they travel.

The National Institute for Standards and Technology has come up with a method to counter that; selecting and evaluating optimal antenna designs.

This method could both reduce costs and improve 5G wireless network capacity, making it both good for networks and good for the end user.

5G-ready infrastructure

Arqiva (a leading UK communications infrastructure company) and CityFibre (the UK's largest alternative provider of wholesale full fibre infrastructure) have just announced a multi-million-pound pilot project that will see a 15km high density fibre network constructed in Hammersmith & Fulham.

This will be multi-operator capable, so all mobile networks will be able to make use of it, and it's the UK's largest pilot of wholesale, 5G-ready small cell infrastructure.

5G phone boxes

British smart city telecoms company Maximus Networks has announced its ambitious plans to reinvent the public phone box with 5G connectivity and smart city functions in mind.

It will be investing over £150 million in a national network of more than 2,000 interactive street hubs.

These 'Max 3' obelisks will provide a wide range of public facilities, including free Wi-Fi, phone calls, way finding and even rapid device charging.

The Max 3's app-based touchscreen interface will also provide public safety and information facilities, such as access to emergency services and Childline.

Follow this link to read our previous blog post explaining what 5G is and the expected benefits.

Follow this link to read a blog post put together by our Managing Director, Martin Lauer, cutting through the hype surrounding 5G.

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