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September 12, 2018
Humber care tech 2018

A week today The One Point Digital team were just getting started as one of 12 teams competing in the first ever 2-day Humber Care Tech Challenge held at the Bridlington Spa. This was an event sponsored by The One Point.

The One Point Digital - Humber Care Tech - Starting the day
The One Point Digital - Humber Care Tech -  Bridlington Spa

The Humber Care Tech Challenge Event was organised as a way to promote technological innovation by uniting healthcare professionals with developers and designers and anyone who had an idea for a technology-based service that could make a difference to how the NHS can care for people in their homes. 

Throughout the event, a team from Amazon Web Services, sponsoring the event,  were on hand to help teams make the best use of Amazon web services for their ideas.

Each team was even able to make use of an Echo Dot that they would be able to take home with them and put future ideas into practice.

The One Point Digital - Humber Care Tech - Echo Dot

In The One Point team was Web Developer Daniel Sherwood who took full opportunity of the resources available to him by integrating with Alexa making use of the Echo Dot. The intention was to enable patients to get reminders and their schedule directly from Alexa with voice commands. 

Daniel says “Working with Amazon Web Services and Alexa was a really interesting insight into some of the possibilities of using novel technology for real-world practical problems.

AWS was almost like walking into a sweet shop, the array of services and products on offer is huge. There is such a wide variety of offerings, meaning the systems and applications are almost endless.

Alexa itself is a really powerful and novel piece of technology, although it doesn't seem to have a great deal of exposure in commercial or professional workplaces currently, it’s not hard to think of some really useful solutions incorporating speech synthesis technology.

The combination of an AWS powered application and Alexa really gets me excited about what is possible. There is the possibility of creating new solutions to existing problems and improving current solutions.

Additionally, the Digital Team leader David Carr developed a prototype for doctors to create personalised courses for patients. A system that would track their progress and provide them support.

David said “This was a fantastic event for a great cause. I was really proud of my team. Everyone came out of their comfort zone and from trying new technologies and presenting to the judges.

I was really excited to be part of the first Humber Care Tech Challenge, The One Point will return next year and support the event, again by being a key sponsor‚

Also in the team was Kerry Owston providing design and research assistance.

At the end of The Humber Care Tech Challenge, The One Point did not take home the star prize but did receive praise for an idea that had real potential for future development.

The One Point Digital - Humber Care Tech - Winning Team

The final prize went to a team jointly made up of members of HullCSS and City Techies. A second place mention went to SEED.

A people choice award after the first day went to Blue Steel.

Overall The One Point team were proud to be part of the event and felt the first Humber Care Tech was very well organised, great fun to be part of and potentially could make a real impact to the NHS with fantastic ideas coming from all teams involved.

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