The new smarter Microsoft Teams update: What you need to know

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November 13, 2023
Microsoft teams update on screen

Microsoft Teams, a prominent player in the digital collaboration and communication space, has announced its latest update. The new update is now generally available to businesses using Microsoft Teams. The update offers improved performance, reliability, security, and IT management, marking a significant leap forward for businesses making use of the software.

What do you need to do

As this update is already available you can go ahead and access these features right away, existing team’s users will prompted to update.

New to teams then contact The One Point on 01482 420150 and we can help get your business started the right way. The update will also be automatically applied from March 31st 2024.

What this new update means for your organisation A look at some of the exciting upgrades this latest teams update could bring to your business.

Harnessing AI to enhance productivity

The recently updated Teams app lays the groundwork for next-generation AI experiences, such as the innovative productivity tool that works in harmony with you. This tool within Teams assists you in managing your tasks efficiently, allowing you to catch up on discussions, conduct more effective meetings, and consolidate everything in one place.

The tool's functionality within Teams chat enables you to get up to speed on conversations swiftly by reviewing the primary points, action items, and decisions without the need to scroll through lengthy threads. This tool can bolster your meeting productivity by summarising key discussion points in real-time during a meeting, including who said what and where people align or disagree. It also suggests action items to keep everyone on track.

Moreover, this tool harnesses the power of Microsoft Graph, a unified programmability model that provides access to tremendous amounts of data. It can locate and utilise information buried in documents, presentations, emails, calendar invites, notes, and contacts, and consolidate everything within your Teams app. This results in streamlined workflows and an enhanced level of productivity.

Enabling New Possibilities

Admins can now enable the new Teams in their organisations through IT admin policies. This means that the power to harness the new features and capabilities is in the hands of the organisation. By updating to the new Teams, users can benefit from an array of enhancements designed to improve their experience and productivity.

Performance and Reliability

One of the key improvements with the new Teams app is the enhanced performance and reliability. Whether it's faster load times, smoother transitions between tabs, or reduced lag during meetings, the new Teams is designed to provide a seamless user experience. The update also ensures automatic updates, keeping users abreast with the latest capabilities, performance enhancements, security, and service reliability.

The preview version of new Teams was up to two times faster while using 50% less memory.

New Features for Windows and Mac

The general availability of the new Microsoft Teams app for Windows and Mac introduces several new features aimed at enhancing user productivity. These include improved system performance, resource efficiency, and reliability across different platforms. The update also brings automatic updates, increased security, and multi-account, multi-tenant support.

Multitenant Support and Collaboration

The new Teams update also includes support for multitenant organisations and multitenant, multi account collaboration. This means organisations with several tenants or users with multiple accounts can now manage and collaborate more efficiently. This feature is particularly beneficial for large enterprises or organisations with diverse business units.

Minimal Impact on User Experience

While the new Teams brings a host of improvements, it does not majorly impact the existing user experience. Users familiar with the classic Teams app will find the transition smooth and intuitive. They can get started on the new Teams by flipping the toggle in the classic Teams app, provided their organisation's policies allow.

Harnessing the Power of the Teams Upgrade with The One Point

The new automatic upgrade announced by Microsoft Teams brings a suite of improvements that can significantly enhance team collaboration and productivity. With The One Point's all-inclusive, unlimited, fixed price, Microsoft expertise, your organisation can leverage these upgrades to their fullest potential.

In conclusion, choosing The One Point for your Microsoft services means investing in reliable, cost-effective IT support that's tailored to meet your organisation's specific needs.

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