Prevent cybercriminals from tailgating: Top security tips!

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January 15, 2024
Cyber security focus on Tailgating

·      Secure businesses are becoming more at risk of cybercriminals utilising tailgating to gain access to buildings and offices to steal information. 

·      Relying on employees' manners, holding open a door, to gain access through secured doors and shutters. 

·      Top tips on how to mitigate the risk of tailgating and safely manage situations when they occur. 

Threats don't always come in the form of malicious code or sophisticated hacking techniques. Sometimes, the most straightforward actions can lead to significant breaches in security. Tailgating is an individual gaining unauthorised access to secured areas by following someone through an entrance. While holding the door for a stranger might seem courteous, doing so could result in a security breach. 


To maintain security, many organisations employ access control measures, such as biometrics, key cards, or traditional keys, to safeguard their buildings. However, these systems are only effective if individuals adhere to the security protocols and remain vigilant when utilising entrances and exits. 


The threat of Tailgating

Once cybercriminals access an organisation, the entire company is at risk. Individuals who have gained access may engage in activities ranging from simple reconnaissance to data theft, putting the organisation's sensitive information at immediate risk. 

Gaining access to your organisation allows cybercriminals to plug into any outlets, sit down at any unlocked workstations, or place infected USB drives in hallways and bathrooms. 


Top tips for mitigating the risk.


Organisations must prioritise technological and human-centric solutions to address the risk of tailgating. Enforcing security measures for all employees, strict protocols, and introducing access control technologies are effective in mitigating the risk of tailgating. 

1. Implement security measures at all public entrances to your organisation, such as smart cards or biometrics. 

2. Hire security guards or ensure staff are present at all access points. 

3. Ensure individuals entering and leaving are vigilant when accessing entrances. 

4. Require all visitors to wear badges to identify unauthorised personnel. 

Safely managing tailgating

Even with these preventative measures, tailgating can still occur; when it does, here are some ways to safely deal with unauthorised personnel. 


-       Engage in a friendly conversation: If someone you don't know is attempting to enter a secured area behind you, initiate a friendly conversation. Politely ask where they are going and who they intend to meet. 

-       Offer to escort them: Take them into the building and deliver them to a receptionist or security officer. 

-       Kindly decline: Politely explain that your organisation has strict security policies against tailgating and that everyone is required to follow the correct access procedures. 

-       Report suspicious behaviour: if you feel something is amiss at any point, don't hesitate to report the incident to security personnel or relevant authorities. Reporting suspicious behaviour promptly is an essential step in preventing security breaches. 

Remember, maintaining a balance between kindness and security is essential. By adopting these measures, you can ensure a secure workplace environment while demonstrating courtesy and helpfulness.


Cyber security is an ever-evolving landscape; therefore, it is crucial to recognise that threats can appear unexpectedly, even though seemingly innocent actions like holding a door open. Tailgating is a subtle yet potent vulnerability that can compromise the most robust security systems. 


As an organisation, you must acknowledge individuals' role in maintaining a secure environment. Employees need to understand that their actions, no matter how well-intentioned, can in advertently jeopardise their organisation's safety. Companies can create a culture of security awareness through employing education systems, further creating a first line of defence against potential threats. 


So, the next time you find yourself at the entrance of your organisation, remember to be vigilant and ensure that you only give authorised personnel access to the organisation. By staying alert, adhering to security protocols, and encouraging a collective commitment to safety, we can ensure that the doors we open lead only to a safe and secure future for our businesses. 

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