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The One Point opens an office in Manchester with Paragon Data Services (PDS)

Posted on Aug 10, 2010.

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Its the start of our vision for expansion

Two Hull entrepreneurs whose businesses offer complementary IT, communications and infrastructure services have joined forced in a bid to expand their reach.

Iain Bland, managing director of Paragon Data Services (PDS) and Martin Lauer, group managing director of The One Point Group, are opening a shared office in the heart of Manchester's business district.The two businessmen say they believe the phenomenal growth they have each achieved in Hull can be mirrored in Manchester. The move comes after the two companies successfully combined efforts to fit out the new $1 million Nightel Hotel, in a partnership worth more then £250,000.

Mr Bland said he was delighted PDS was working in such close partnership with The One Point. "while we both provide IT and communications solutions, as a partnership we are able to deliver an all encompassing service to out clients and on a far greater scale." he said.

"Martin and I are both very committed to ensuring this new venture is a success, while continuing to ensure our clients in East Yorkshire enjoy the same level of service." Mr Lauer said: "After having worked with Paragon Data Services for three years now, I think this exciting new venture is a real demonstration of how two businesses that offer complementary services can work together in partnership to help each other archive their goals. Expanding Manchester and indeed other major cities in the UK, is part of The One Point's long-term vision and we intend to ensure this is a very fruitful project.

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