Our 3 Powerful Partnerships That Will Help Your Business Get The Most Out Of AI

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March 1, 2024
Our powerful partners!

One of the most significant talking points is AI, with various businesses and software providers using advanced intelligence to leverage their current products and provide more efficient software for their users. 

As a business, it is essential that your team are confident and knowledgeable about AI and can safely introduce new technologies into your operations. 


So, the question is, what AI is available that you could introduce into your business?



Microsoft is a prominent service provider that has introduced AI into its service offerings. If you are a Microsoft user, then there are a few new features that can aid the features of your business and your team members. 

- Microsoft Designer is an AI-powered graphic design platform that can generate images based on a description. It enables a human-like experience that can better take advantage of the range of senses we use as humans. 

- Microsoft Copilot is an AI companion that will work according to your preferences and permissions, understand your business data, enhance productivity, and integrate with a generative pre-trained transformer large language model. 


O2 Mobile

Virgin Media O2 is rolling out new AI-powered spam fighters to protect customers from fraud for free. Every O2 customer will receive this adaptive AI that can block known fraudulent calls and provide customers with excess information about callers before they answer the phone. The AI service will run alongside their existing firewall, which has already blocked more than 89 million fraudulent texts from reaching customers in 2023. 

The service, "Hiya protect", will be rolled out to all customers in the coming months using Adaptive AI to analyse call number behaviour to determine whether a call is suspected of spam or block it if it is identified as fraud. A massive positive of this AI is that it will prevent the call from reaching the customer's phone before it even rings. 



Zebra's advanced intelligence identifies critical trends and insights from your data, allowing you to upload files securely. Zebra AI will point out key patterns and insights for you. The AI considers best practices in data visualisation, user preferences and the nature of the data itself to determine the optimal presentation format. With an integrated chat function, you can tailor your technologies using questions in the chat box. Empower yourself with a more efficient and time-saving export method, and let AI do the heavy lifting for any presentations; with this tool, you can present any findings seamlessly with the click of one button. 


With all these technologies becoming available, it's clear that AI is an advancement that individuals and businesses must adapt and use to create a more efficient and seamless operation. 


Let us help you find the perfect partner to build an efficient operation utilising systems and technologies that streamline your business. Chat with our expert team today. 01482 420150

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