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July 2, 2018
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From the moment of arrival at The View last Thursday morning it was clear that The One Point Team were set to experience a day at the office like nothing they had seen before.

In recognition of The One Point's hard work and achievements, O2 sent us a team their O2 Angels. This special treat was awarded following our consistently high performance as a multi-award-winning O2 Direct partner with a team meeting and exceeding the very highest standards.

Goe welcomes to The View

In 2018 The One Point has earned multiple O2 awards. These include the Customer and Digital Excellence Double award and most recently the Award for The Best Developing O2 Direct Partner. For this reason, the whole of The One Point was selected to receive a unique experience day.

As we begun our working day not a corner of our entrance and workspace was untouched with decorations to spread the feeling of celebration.

After making our way past balloons and bunting and along a confetti lined path to our desks every team member of both The One Point and sister company IT@Spectrum were treated to an individual gift bag. Contained inside was a box of chocolates and a bottle of champaign.

o2 angels breakfast


02 angels massage

Throughout the day the O2 Angels were on hand to make sure our working day was exceptional. This begun with breakfast with options of juices, fruits, and pastries.

As our team set about their usual working routine the O2 angels then collected orders for a Domino's pizza lunch.

O2 Angels

Any tensions or stresses during this day could even be eased out with a trip to on-site professional masseuses offering head, back and shoulder massages to all staff.

The highlight of our day came as our MD Martin Lauer was formally presented with our award for the O2 Best Developing Direct Partner.

The One Point O2 Award

This award joined one of many collected this year by Martin but what made this presentation extra special was the inclusion of the whole team who had an opportunity to join in the celebration and hear the extremely positive direct feedback from O2 Head of Partners Jason Phillips presenting.

Sweets from O2

To end what had been a fantastic day the O2 Angels then offered sweets, crisps, and cupcakes before they said their final goodbyes.

This was certainly a reward that we will not forget. For The One Point team, our reward day was a point of pride and a great motivation to continue to perform as the best of the O2 Direct Partners.

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