Business VoIP brings more benefits than just remote working

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July 15, 2021
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We have heard a lot lately about technology that enables workers to stay productive while working from home. But VoIP brings far more benefits to business users than just a lifeline to staying in contact with customers and service users during a global pandemic.

In recent years, voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP technology, has become vital to the remote working tech stack. Businesses adopting the technology have witnessed boosts in productivity and possibility in jobs roles where the telephone is essential.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways VoIP can streamlining efficiency in the work plan so your team can start making use of the best of business technology.

1 Unite multiple business sites

There is no need to dedicate time and resources to having separate procedures when your business functions from multiple locations.Whether your business operates from a single site, multiple sites, or your teams home offices, VoIP is an advantage. With VoIP, it is possible to seamlessly integrate the various telephones and computers connected to the system.

With a cloud-based VoIP system, you will have all your different devices operating with the same interface. A setup that eases the transition from one mode of working to another reduces the systems staff need to learn.

2 Streamlined and more efficient

From usage to setup with VoIP, business communication is a simple as it should be. Businesses now operate in unprecedented times where downtime is not an option and will be seized as an advantage by competitors. With VoIP, Installation is quick and possible to complete within a few hours. Your system can be up and running in no time, thanks to our in house experience and expertise.

3 Integrated automation

VoIP services allow easy integration with existing software and third-party providers.

Whether you depend on Microsoft teams or WebEx solutions, there is an abundance of productivity and security boosting options at your disposal. Our expert team are familiar with a wide range of options for businesses of all kinds and can help you achieve what your business needs to thrive.

4 Use your mobile device like an office phone

VoIP brings users a range of helpful features normally only available to phones connected to the office network. One of the most significant benefits our customers have reported since it has allowed them to work from anywhere.

With VoIP, your team can make the most of their devices. Use any internet enabled smartphone to take and make quality calls on the go. When your team are out and about, their time spent travelling needn’t be thought of as time wasted. The need to stay in contact with colleagues while on the train, walking, and from a remote location is now becoming commonplace - VoIP makes this possible.

5 Low maintenance requirements

It takes much less effort to maintain a VoIP phone system. Physical infrastructure is minimal, leaving Internet Service Providers to do most of the system maintenance.

Being dependent on the internet may lead to downtime; however, buggy systems are rare. Issues also tend to be so minor that downtime is minimal. Problems are even less of a hassle when coupled with managed IT Services that proactively find and fix faults.

All these benefits are just the start. Pretty soon, businesses using traditional PSBn and ISDN lines will have to make the switch regardless as the date nears closers to the national switchover.

So why not make the switch now and start reaping the benefits of all VoIP has to offer.

Learn more about The One Point’s VoIP services and how we make use of integrations such as Microsoft Teams and WebEx, bringing out the best in business VoIP in your office.

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