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June 8, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly had a devastating impact on countless UK businesses - offices stand empty, and some industries lay in ruins. However, with support, many have adapted to the circumstances, e.g. transitioning their operations to remote working. Despite this, there is a cybersecurity ticking time bomb that no one is talking about.

As the UK is starting to imagine life after lockdown, cybercriminals are waiting on the sidelines to strike. Adapting to remote working with innovative technologies is essentially a double-edged sword. They have helped keep so many businesses operating. Still, many technologies/software can also leave some open doors for cybercriminals to exploit.

So, the big question is: how can businesses avoid being victims of cybercrime after lockdown?

It can be a scary business facing the reality of cybercriminals wanting to attack your organisation at any time, but not all is lost. Knowing where the threats could be is a massive part of preventing the attacks from happening. Generally, businesses can know what devices are connected to their networks. Still, with trends like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) on the rise, most corporate networks contain at least 30 per cent more devices than IT teams are aware of. This leaves countless open routes for cybercriminals to exploit, ultimately compromising sensitive data. Unless organisations assess the risks of every single personal and work device and have complete visibility, there will always be open routes for cybercriminals to exploit.

Zero Trust Policies establish minimum security requirements that devices must meet to be connected to the corporate network. This is a great way to gain complete visibility of all devices within your corporate network and ensure absolute cyber security.

Learn from global quarantine efforts:

Self-isolating to avoid cross-contamination is just as effective in cybersecurity as virology. If a network is segmented into independent parts, it prevents cybercriminals from being able to move through an organisation's network. If one network segment is breached, the others will still remain secure. Furthermore, businesses can also consider using a "decontamination zone" to properly integrate devices that previously left the corporate network but want to rejoin. These devices can be appropriately assessed for all cybersecurity measures. Prevent routes from being left open for cybercriminals to exploit.

Keep fighting back:

Tens of thousands of cyberattacks on UK businesses happen every day, which has sadly made them a part of many organisations' daily operations. Unfortunately, cybercrime is expected to rise after the lockdown is entirely over. Hence, there is no better time than now to invest time and resources into your business's cybersecurity.

The One Plan:

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