How O2 customers saved big when travelling in 2022

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February 13, 2023
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O2 Is Making Staying Connected Abroad Easier and Cheaper.

Journeys abroad could to be a minefield for those who needed to stay connected when travelling and has especially been a frustration to those who want to keep an eye on their business when away since this can be a very data hungry activity.

Roaming fees have long been considered to be frustratingly expensive leaving many searching for connected hotspots just to stay in touch on the go. But new research from Virgin Media O2, show their customers were able to enjoy the freedom of connectivity and made savings in a big way when they made EU roaming Free as standard in early 2022.

The research shows that combined O2 customers have saved an estimated GBP 3 million a week in European roaming charges since 2022 by taking advantage of inclusive EU roaming as standard. This means that customers no longer have to worry about being hit with exorbitant bills when using their phones abroad, allowing them the freedom to stay connected without fear of cost.

While it's true that some limits applied the vast amount of customers never reached those limits and were warned when close to going over their data limits.

This is great for business owners, business travellers and consumers alike. The average family of four in fact could save up to GBP 100 when travelling for two weeks!

On top of this, the research also revealed some interesting insights into how Brits use their mobile phones abroad. It found that 52% of people use their phones mainly to stay connected while they are away; 37% use them mainly for finding their way around; 26% use them mainly for booking restaurants; and 21% use them mainly for updating social media accounts.

This highlights how essential staying connected is when travelling—and how beneficial it can be when you don’t have to worry about roaming fees!

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of how much they might need to pay in roaming fees if they don’t take advantage of inclusive EU roaming packages. The survey found that 25% of Brits are unaware that they might need to pay extras charges if they don’t subscribe to these packages.

It's clear from this research that staying connected abroad doesn't have to be expensive anymore. Thanks to Virgin Media O2's inclusive EU roaming benefits, customers can stay connected without having to worry about incurring hefty bills while doing so.

The good new is this policy has continued to O2 customers can keep on saving big.

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