How can Microsoft 365 CoPilot enhance your operations?

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March 26, 2024
The One Point x Microsoft

Microsoft 365 is a robust suite of cloud-based productivity tools that can revolutionise your workflows, allowing for faster and more innovative work. It is one of the first all-in-one cloud tools, introduced as Office 365 in 2013.

Among the latest innovations are AI technologies that are embedded in tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and more. With an understanding of the systems, these features can enhance efficiency and productivity.

Microsoft Copilot: Collaboration.

Consistent collaboration.

Microsoft Copilot is the jewel of Microsoft’s AI innovations. It’s designed to be your virtual collaborator, helping with various tasks to streamline your workflows. The AI-powered tool is built on the foundations of Chat GPT technology, and enhancing the original foundations enables it to understand the context and anticipate your needs.

How can your business take advantage of the benefits of Microsoft Copilot?

Document Creation.

Copilot acts as a versatile writing companion, aiding in report drafting, presentation crafting and email composition by offering intelligent suggestions, streamlining the writing process and ensuring clear and concise content tailored to your audience.

Elevate team meeting experience.

Copilot facilitates collaboration by providing context-aware responses such as meeting summaries and action item lists. Additionally, it helps catch up on missed discussions by summarising key points and enhancing the overall experience.

Simplify PowerPoint Creation.

The AI-infused features in PowerPoint can help you create slide decks based on prompts, design your slides, and write text for you.
Collaborating with Microsoft’s stock images to fill your slides, Copilot will also suggest text based on your presentation topic.

Insights into Excel.

Excel Ideas, another AI innovation, simplifies data analysis and visualisation by automatically detecting patterns and trends and suggesting suitable charts, tables, and summaries.
You can also use Excel Ideas to ask natural language questions about your data, such as “Which product has the highest profit margin?” You’ll get instant answers in the form of charts and formulas.

Expedite email management in Outlook.

Copilot in Outlook aids in summarising lengthy emails, offers assistance in drafting emails, and suggests responses, thereby enhancing email management efficiency.

A future of intelligent productivity.

Tap into the future of intelligent productivity with Microsoft 365 services, ensuring you stay ahead and thrive in today’s fast-paced environment.

Our team of experts can help you ensure you’re getting the right plan and full benefits of Microsoft’s features.

Call us today to schedule a chat, or use our contact page to email our team. 01482 420150

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