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March 5, 2020

We are already in the midst of the future of work, with increased digitisation but digital naive workers who are under major productivity pressures.

"Workfront's 'State of Work' report has found that UK workers are spending 31 percent of their working week dealing with excessive emails, wasteful meetings and interruptions. Because of this, meaningless tasks have been ranked as the number one reason keeping employees from feeling fulfilled and productive at work." - TechRadar.com

System Shift:

Invest in workplace tools such as Office 365, so you and your employees can access productivity tools such as Teams, OneDrive, Sharepoint etc.

These tools not only help with collaboration, project planning and productivity; but also, remote working.

Remote working has almost become a normal part of our working lives due to Covid-19, with many businesses having to adapt to their team working from home, but countless businesses were not or are not prepared to move their operations online. Ensuring you have the right technology, security and support in place for your business will only secure the future of your operations.

"Insights from the 'State of Work' 2020 report indicate that knowledge workers around the world are still searching for a better solution to the work challenges they're facing. The report highlights that 90 percent of UK workers are still craving modern technology options and 76 percent wish they had one centralised place to see all work across their company." - TechRadar.com

Investing in services such as a CRM system, as well as tools such as Office 365, means your business operations will be streamlined and easily visible to manage by all employees.

Technology that protects your data:

While moving your business into the digital age has countless benefits, it makes you much more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Invest in the best technology that fits your business needs from a trusted managed IT provider, who can manage and protect your data from these threats.

"Nearly half of businesses (47 percent) report that fear of losing data is one thing that keeps them up at night. In the past year, almost one-quarter (22 percent) have experienced data loss, with nearly 50 percent recovering less than half of their data." - Carbonite Report

A managed IT provider can make sure your software, hardware and other technologies are up-to-date and secure, leaving you to focus on your business.

Technology encourages a good customer experience:

We know your customers are what keeps your business running, so making sure the technology you have in place allows you to provide the best customer experience is crucial. Invest in technology, such as Telecoms and VoIP, and Fibre and Broadband, to make it as straightforward and streamlined for customers to contact you.

In order for technology to fully ensure your business is future-fit, it needs to be part of a unified and comprehensive strategy that meets your business goals. Instead of outsourcing technology, whether it's software or hardware from multiple organisations, invest in one provider where experts can manage it all for you; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, under one roof with one single point of contact.

At The One Point, we will ensure that all technology you invest in has a prupose to meet with your unique business goals and future-proof your business.

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