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January 20, 2022
An engineer

For new businesses, it all starts with the best intentions. But as an organisation scales up, bottlenecks begin to develop that put the brakes on future growth.

While new team members, professional processes and growing customer bases are all hallmarks of success, they can contribute to an out of control spiral of admin tasks if allowed to develop unchecked.

The processes that worked in the early days - like filling out paper forms at customers' premises while office-based workers transferred the data to spreadsheets - becomes a complex mess of duplicates and conflicts.

And pretty soon, your company becomes one of 'those businesses'. Where the staff and customers alike are complaining about your organisations - lack of organisation.

Turning it around

If this scenario sounds familiar, you undoubtedly want to turn it around. But returning to the simplicity of the early days seems impossible with so much to manage.

With over 30 years of experience in streamlining business processes, we have had a chance to examine the workflows that often occur.

We know that businesses managers are just trying to find a way to harmonise their data, whether that be admin, management, strategic, customer or financial. They simply wish to reduce complex admin so they can reach their business goals.

They want a way to share this information across teams and departments on-site and off-site without the slow, burdensome process of emailing around spreadsheets or waiting for a finance update.

This becomes incredibly complex when a business has on-site and off-site teams on a customer's premises. And it's not long before us against them culture starts to emerge.

Developing ideal data capture processes

Turning around these challenging situations is something our teams have extensive experience working with a range of businesses, including thirty years of experience in delivering industrial management systems to cargo terminals, logistics, waste plants, manufacturing & nuclear storage facilities.

This insight has led us to create a quick, slick, and accurate app system that is ready to tackle the complex needs of large and unique businesses.

Finally, you can free your team to focus on real work, not paperwork. Empower them to take back control and end their frustrations at seeing their time wasted on distracting errors and avoidable fact-checking nightmares.

By uniting your systems, data, and people, you can significantly impact your team's productivity and outlook.

Leave behind the problem of logging in and syncing up with multiple systems to encounter inconsistent data making their job harder. Instead, help your team develop a sense of trust with the data they are working with, reporting features such as live dashboards, management reports, and historical reports.

Retain the functionality that specific software can give with highly customisable forms or integrations with external 3rd party services that feed in essential information to a centralised location.

Back office teams

Your back office team will benefit from efficiently managing tasks, including 'small one off' jobs or multiple tasks for large projects, with our intuitive, easy-to-use drag and drop interface.

Benefit from:

Visual planning of schedules. Real-time monitoring of off-site worker activity - Compliance with regulations to protect off-site, lone and remote workers. Reconcile hours, mileage, materials and variations to orders to produce accurate invoices. Get instant access to forms created at your customer location to speed up workflows.

Engineers out on the field

Our apps can streamline processes for field workers to minimise paperwork that needs to be completed on-site and ensure essential documentation is in the hands of back-office teams the moment it is completed.

Make it easy to:

Capture hours, mileage, materials and variations to orders while on site.

View the day's schedules at a glance and monitor changes in real-time.

Have peace of mind their location can be traced in real-time when working alone.

Report stock levels, assets and defects.

Tacking their time to show exactly how long they were on the job - a feature that reconciles with location tracking.

Stock control to precisely share inventory in the van, back in the warehouse or with a merchant.

Collect exactly the data your business requires

Create your own forms so your employees in the field can capture exactly the data your business needs.

Whether you need simple checklists or complex technical assets, you will have the tools to create forms to your exact specification. Back-office teams can then monitor the progress of the data collection progress without waiting for field teams to return to the office. This means that your customers will be able to get a streamlined experience and immediately receive in their inbox any certificates that have needed to be produced.

Work Place planning is as simple as drag and drop

Communication becomes a challenge when some of your team are in the office and others on-site at customer locations.

Create Work Orders for small or large jobs, create tasks in real-time for external teams to complete during their workday and allocate these tasks using our simple to use drag and drop interface.

This essential data is instantly communicated to off-site teams as soon as they look at their devices.

Your team can easily use our apps to track all aspects of your business data that back office and field teams depend on and record it specifically in the format your business requires.

Reduce errors and inconsistencies

Efficiency and accuracy are prioritised with our app that facilitates your teams to capture and share information as it becomes available and instantly reconcile this data with other relevant information stored in your systems.

What's more, your off-site teams who are customer facing will be able to access a complete knowledge base to help customers retrieve documentation uploaded about their account to answer their questions without a back and forth between the field engineer and the back office.

What sets us apart

Customisation to make the interface suit your workflow makes us different from other help systems on the market right now.

What we don't expect you to do is compromise.

We realise that lack of control is one reason why teams continue to use spreadsheet files and multiple databases systems to collate all their business information.

Too many off-the-shelf systems expect businesses to conform to their work philosophy. However, we believe this should be the other way around.

For this reason, our adaptable system will suit businesses of any size to unlock the true potential of their data.

Our systems are easy to use and intuitive - even non-tech savvy users can get to grips with our interfaces quickly.

With more than 30 years experience of in building software used by businesses, our goal is to help teams work faster and smarter by uniting their data, systems and people.

What next

Our app can help businesses unify their data, systems and people. Our App solutions make it so that enterprises can easily create work orders, communicate with off-site teams, and track all aspects of their business data. Hub modules make it easy for businesses to be productive and efficient by facilitating communication between team members and collecting accurate data.

Your business can experience all the benefits of our app; contact us on 01482 420150 to arrange a demo with a member of our expert team to discuss how we can help your business.

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