Could one message be your downfall?

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June 24, 2024
Don't let messaging apps be your downfall!

Understanding the potential risks of using certain messaging apps on work devices is crucial. While these apps are a convenient way to stay connected, not all of them are safe. Some may have vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit, potentially granting them access to your organisation's network and sensitive information.

Receiving Messages

Imagine this: you receive a message on one of these apps. It's from an unknown sender, offering you a free item or alerting you to an overdue bill. Or it's a seemingly harmless attachment. But here's the catch: you could unknowingly install malware on your work device by clicking that link or downloading that attachment.

Third-Party Apps with Hidden Dangers

Cybercriminals can develop third-party apps that modify your messaging app's appearance, such as changing its colour to pink. While these apps may function as expected, they can also provide criminals access to your device. Once they gain access, they can view any organisational information stored on your device.

How can you stay safe? Our TOP tips!

-       Keep work and personal activities separate. Use work devices exclusively for tasks relating to your job.
-       Adhere to any organisation policies regarding app downloads on work devices.
-       Never share personal or sensitive information through unsecured apps, especially if the person messaging you is unknown.

Chat to our team of cyber security experts today, we can set up a training plan for your team designed to empower your workforce.

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