10 reasons Your Business Needs a CRM?

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October 1, 2015

In this article we're going to cover ten of the most important reasons you and your business need a good, comprehensive Customer Relationship Management System. There are many reasons, however I will talk about the ten most important.

10. App Integration

With a CRM you can easily integrate other apps your business uses for complete integration with all of your systems.

9. Pipeline

Managing your pipeline will be so much easier. You can see all of the customers in the pipeline and see all of their relevant data, helping your sales team provide a coherent and uniform approach. This also enables you to see what is and isn't working in generating customers.

8. Calendar

Having a centralised calendar for the workplace can make it easy to track what your staff are doing and it makes organising events and meeting etc far simpler.

7. Holidays

Using a holiday booking system in conjunction with your calendar can take this a step further. Making it easy to keep an eye on when staff are off and seeing how much holiday they have used.

6. Tickets

Using a ticketing system will make troubleshooting and support easy to manage and work with. Even better when it's part of the CRM system you use. With this setup you can view ticket data and easily find outstanding tickets. Ensuring all relevant team members are informed of tickets is vital and this is done automatically with emails and a simple and professional response process.

5. Centralised Emails

Having a centralised email system creates a straightforward and simple way of keeping track of your emails and correspondence. This can save time and make communication between staff and clients that much easier to conduct. This makes it clear to see how everyone is communicating within your business.

4. Uniform Sales Process

This will ensure all staff use the same procedure when dealing with clients. This will ultimately have a positive effect on the customers who each receive the same high-quality experience.

3. Data

This is a big one. All of your customer data is stored in one place. Quick to see and easy to update. If staff leave you keep these leads and contacts in your system. All of the data is backed-up too, just in case.

2. Collaboration

With a CRM it makes it easy to organise coordinated campaigns and collaborations. This is a major benefit, especially when used in conjunction with a centralised email system.

1. Statistics

One of the biggest benefits to you is the ability to look at data and information relating to sales and other critical areas of your business. This takes some of the guesswork out of it and enables you to make changes to generate more sales and revenue.

In summary a CRM is a sum of its parts. What makes a good one is when each component integrates with one another and delivers a powerful and simple tool to your business, one that is tailored to meet your unique requirements.

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