Two team members celebrate new arrivals in their families.

24th Oct 2019

We have had some very special guests in the office over the past two days!

Yesterday, we were paid a visit by our Customer Service Manager, David Thompson, and his new arrival, baby Freya.

David Thompson and Baby Freya The One Point News

We were all delighted to meet baby Freya yesterday, who was born October 15th.

Baby Freya visits The One Point

Today, we were also paid a visit by our Technical Solutions Account Manager, Sam Drinkall and his partner, who brought their new arrival, baby Henry.

Sam Drinkall and Partner and baby Henry visit The One Point

It was double the joy today in the office when we got to meet baby Henry too, born October 6th.

Baby Henry visits The One Point

Both David and Sam, were presented with gifts from the whole team to celebrate the new arrivals to both families.

Baby Gift The One Point News

Congratulations again to both families from the whole team! 


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