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What's next for the Galaxy S Series?

Posted on Sep 23, 2015.

The Galaxy S series has been a good choice for consumers wanting a device that keeps up with all the latest advances in technology. The Galaxy S6 and the S6 edge so far has delivered in this area and with over 200 million units sold already (not including the Galaxy S6) it is clear these stylish phones have been a popular choice of consumers too.  Fans of the Galaxy S series will surly be looking forward to the latest addition to the series, anticipated in the first quarter of 2016, so we have been listening for news of specs and features expected to be featured in the new Galaxy S7 device.


Image shows the galaxy S6 edge

So here is what we think we know:- 

Standout features:

30 Megapixel camera - no longer a dream feature for a phone

Super Amoled display - building on the amoled display of other devices

Waterproof technology - protecting against not just water but dust too

5G Network capabilities and connection - as well as super fast WiFi connection

Infared Sensors - accurately measure body temperature

Expected Specs:

5.7 inch screen - that is up from 5.1 inch screen from the glaxey S6

Powered by snapdragon 820 - some models may also be powered by Samsung own Exynos M1 chip

4 GB Ram - just a preliminary figure at this time, we’ve heard it could be more!

64 bit Processor - combined with an anticipated 3.5GHz processor expect the fastest speed currently available from a phone

32, 64 & 128 GB Memory - The Galaxy S series will continue the trend to be generous with internal memory

Although what is shared here is yet to be officially confirmed we expect the Galaxy S series to continue to meet consumer expectation especially in the wake of the recent iPhone6s and 6splus announcements.

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