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You have until Friday to upgrade to Windows 10 for free

Posted on Jul 27, 2016.

1 Windows 10 has been available as a free upgrade for nearly a year now so if you’re currently using Window 7 or 8.1 and are still on the fence deciding whether to upgrade or not then you only have a few days to make up your mind.

After this free upgrade period, that expires on July 29th, an upgrade will cost you £100.

upgrade windows 10

Improvements and new features added

Improved Start menu from Windows 8/8.1 - Combines the best of both options, a scrolling menu restricted to a single column.

Includes Cortona - Helps you with search and control.

Find files with ease with Windows Explorer - Explorer shows you a Quick Access list of useful locations and folders you visit frequently.

Improved DirectX12 - Makes big impact for graphics for hardcore gamers.

Universal Office apps - Windows 10 gets a new Windows Store, where you can download desktop programs as well as modern Windows apps.

Edge browser - A leaner faster browser that stands up to rivals like Chrome and Firefox (IE is still there to run older commands like Active X).

Schedule restarts - Gone are the days when Windows announced that you have fifteen minutes to get everything done before it restarts to apply an update.

Notification Centre - Action centre puts them on the right of the screen, where the charms bar was in Windows 8.

Improved touch screen experience - Continues where you left off on your phone or tablet too.

Use multiple desktops  - If you need to arrange a lot of windows and you don't have multiple monitors, you can put them on multiple virtual desktops.

Modernised**Command Prompt** - Resize and use familiar keyboard shortcuts.

Learn more about Windows 10 and get the upgrade.


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