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The power of UX in CRM design

Posted on Feb 24, 2015.

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A CRM system is only as useful as the data within it so when adopting a new system or starting out with a CRM for the first time it is important to consider the impact of this on the team of users that will be generating its content.

When under time pressure it can be reluctant to use a new CRM especially when existing processes are in place, even if less efficient. If this is the case it may be that improvements to the user experience (UX) is the key to encouraging a speedy adoption of a new system.

A good UX ensures that the user is given the right information at the right time, it directs the user to the next logical step once an action has been completed and it considers the mindset of the user when completing actions in the CRM. This means the correct options are available and the right amount of information is viewable. Often it is the smaller details that make the biggest difference and if your team are having to overthink frequent actions it can easily turn into an experience that they will choose to avoid if they can.

UX design has always been a vital part of the process when designing our bespoke CRM systems, we want to make sure that the CRM system is suited to the way our customers work so they are experiencing a system that is seamless and almost invisible as it runs in the background.

With a team that love their CRM you will be glad UX was a consideration as the benefits can be seen in the accuracy of the data in the system.

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