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The revolutionary iPhone was announced to the world 10 years ago today

Posted on Jan 09, 2017.

Ten years to this day the world was introduced to the iPhone concept, a bold decision to move into the smartphone market by Apple who were looking to follow on from the success of the iPod.

During the annual Macworld Mac/Apple event, during a press conference, Apple revealed the details of a device set to be one of the most hotly anticipated gadgets of all time.

The iPhone was unlike anything on the market in the time when smartphones were chunky half screen, half keyboard devices. The iPhone looked nothing like this and while it relied on 2G it also allowed websites to be viewed fully.

iphone 10 years

Yet with no 3G, no stylus and no physical keyboard. And being considerably expensive. The initial reaction to the device at the time was less than warm. Yet the iPhone exceeded expectations of a poor market response due to fickle tastes and a touch screen that was expected to prove to be useless. 

Later consumers warmed to the devices enthusiastically praising its simplicity, its design, and its, almost disguised, high-level computing power.

Recent iPhone versions and similar devices have increased their capability to the point the PC has begun to see a slowdown in sales as a result. Sales of TVs are down. Sales of cameras are down. The whole idea of the gadget has become less important as smartphones take over most of their functions.

The launch of this truly innovative devices sparked a revolution of similar devices in the market, even from competitors such as Nokia who initially declared the iPhone would not change their thinking have long since launched similar products. 

Apple has discontinued the original iPhone but still as of 2015, about 0.1% of iPhone users still used the original or second model. Later this year we will see the release of the iPhone 7 although a firm release date is yet to be confirmed.

Unbelievably the iPhone was lacking features that are taken for granted as just part of the expected smartphone experience.

Some features the original iPhone did not have include:

•    No App Store.

•    Texting in landscape mode only.

•    No changing the background from a solid black screen.

•    No Siri or notification centre.

•    Poor quality camera and no video capability.

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