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Teslacrypt Virus Master Decryption Key Released by Gaming Ransomware Gang

Posted on May 25, 2016.

The ransomware virus Teslacrypt used to scramble data has now had a decryption key released by the cybercriminal gang that created it. This key can be used to make a tool unscramble filled affected by the virus.

Anyone who has been hit by this form of malware will now be able to recover data and avoid paying the ransom although this key will only be useful for recently affected victims or anyone who backed up their files ‘just in case’.

The free tool created by Eset is available to download from their blog.


The malware targeted gamers by infecting 185 types of files associated with popular games like Call of Duty and Minecraft. Unfortunate victims would then need to pay up to £690 to decrypt their files. The gang that created the malware have now “closed” the project.

The news came when a member of the cyber criminal gang responded to Eset, an internet security firm, in an email  requesting the key, unexpectedly this key was sent to the firm as well as a notification of the closure. The message ended with “We are sorry”.

It’s not known why the gang has chosen to release their software as it is an unusual move for cyber criminals to give away their secret key.

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