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Supercharge your team with these technology questions

Posted on Jul 15, 2021.

Have you ever wondered if more flexibility could impact employee productivity? O2 asked 2000 employers to share their preferences for work. They then compiled the data into this insightful guide that can help employers understand what works best for their people and how their business cultures unique needs can be an advantage in getting the most out of their team.

You’ve always known your people have different work styles. Whether it’s the Desk Dwellers or the Jetsetters, the Social Butterflies or the Sole Creators, every business has a mix.

But a year of home working has made those differences more significant than ever. In fact, research covering over 2000 UK desk-based employees shows seven new groups have taken shape among your people:

seven types of office worker

Each of these groups has very different working preferences and very different needs. What do they have in common?

Almost all (96%) say they’d be at least as productive if they could work in their preferred way. And 48% say they’ll get more done if you support their working style.

Download the guide

Use this guide to discover the questions your team feels are essential to help you make decisions that positively impact your business.

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