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Star Wars now features in the list of the top 25 most popular passwords

Posted on Jan 20, 2016.

To protect your online identity like your social networking and email account then a strong password is essential. Unfortunately, for too many this password is just too easy to guess. 

SplashData, a security company, have released a list of the most popular passwords of 2015 based on a list of 2 million passwords that were leaked last year. 

The Data shows the old traditional poor passwords still feature strongly on this list with passwords like 12345, password, and qwerty featuring in the top 5 and in 2015 a newcomer to the top 25 mot popular passwords was starwars.

popular passwords 2015

Image from BBC Newsbeat.

Popular culture references are not uncommon in popular password lists with previouse years seeing appearances of superman and batman in the list.

So what makes a good password?

Passwords by nature should not be easy to guess by people whether they know you or not. The strongest passwords mix upper and lower case characters, numbers and symbols that have no meaning to you personally.

If you must use a word or phrase that can be linked back to you it can still be disguised by swapping characters for numbers or symbols as well as setting some characters as uppercase and some as lowercase. This could also be shortened on lengthened with meaningless characters.

Avoid words or phrases that can easily be linked to you like mother's maiden name or a favorite popular culture reference 'Star Wars' without making them in some way more abstract.

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