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Slow Windows 10 Anniversary Edition roll out leaves many users waiting but skipping the queue is possible

Posted on Oct 03, 2016.

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It’s been 2 months since the August 2nd Windows 10 Anniversary update became available yet many windows 10 users are still waiting. This is because Microsoft has stealthily and intentionally slowed down the rollout of the software.

Windows 10 anniversary edition

Recently ZDNet reported that an email marketing the update had a bit of text at the bottom confirming that the very low roll out is part of Microsoft’s strategy.

'The Anniversary Update will download and install via Windows Update. The download is automatically available to you. It will begin rolling out on 2 August 2016 and may take up to 3 months to reach all users'

By slowing down the delivery of the upgrade Microsoft will be able to keep tabs on what is working and what is not  and help them stay ahead of complimentary issues when dealing with the many combinations of setup it may be installed.

If you are still waiting you want to make sure the update does not come at an inconvenient time or you’re just impatient for the latest features then advance your upgrade by visiting the page Downloading Windows 10 Disc Image. It’s a more technical avenue but will let you take back control. 

Following e response many users who have so far been vocal about Windows 10 instabilities and in light of the rumours that Microsoft have reduced their testing staff Microsoft have been asked on what they are doing to improve reliability and quality. Microsoft responded,

"Ensuring our customers have a positive experience with our products and services is incredibly important to us and we take the quality and reliability of our software seriously. When we deliver updates to more than 350 million devices, those builds have gone through extensive internal and external testing. The vast majority of our customers have a high-quality, positive experience with our updates and our goal is an issue-free experience for everyone. For those who don't, we want to hear from them so we can fix any issues as quickly as possible. We encourage our customers to contact Customer Support."

Running into difficulty

For users who are having experiencing further difficulty with the upgrade contacting Microsoft via their live chat has proven to be a very useful with a complimentary service for these kinds of minor issues.

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