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Secure your social media data from hackers crafting bespoke phishing scams

Posted on Mar 29, 2016.

A new study by Digitalis Reputation has revealed that hackers are closely watching the social media accounts of workers with sensitive roles and high-profile roles.

The intention is to gather enough information to craft bespoke phishing emails allowing them to pose as the worker. This is done by mentioning details of their life and their habits making it much easier to gain the trust of another staff member. With the recipient believing, they are dealing with a trusted colleague they may then be lured into transferring money or giving access to the company network.

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In these situations even state of the art computer systems provide little defence as the risk is “human factor” and existing defences may rely only on technical countermeasures.

Restricting access to social media accounts is one-way business people can help to protect themselves and their company. Just 51 percent of business users restrict their account or the content on their account according to the Digitalis Reputation report and only 24 percent of business users claimed to be periodically checking what information could be found about themselves.

As attacks continue to become more sophisticated and creative, businesses need to stay vigilant to threats, see how we can provide support and advice to help you stay ahead.

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