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The Samsung Note 7 phones still in use are to be restricted to 30% charge

Posted on Dec 12, 2016.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is to be updated across Europe to prevent them being charged beyond 30% of their battery capacity. This is to encourage owners of the device that still continue to use them to them to hand them in following the recall of the devices back in September.

Approximately 10% of the Note 7 device owners in Europe are yet to hand back their phones despite the widely known fire risk. Back in September, an update was released that restricted battery charging to 60% in part to encourage users to hand back their phones. This restriction had proven to be good motivation to drive a high rate of return.  

Samsung have issued the following statement about the 15th December update"This new battery software update is specifically designed to reinforce to the remaining minority of customers to immediately replace their device"

  Samsung have additionally issued a warning to remaining owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to turn off their device and hand them in.   Worldwide approaches will differ.


The problem of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices that have yet to be returned is worldwide with Samsung having a better approach with some areas more that others for instance in the US approximately 93% of the devices have been returned.   US users will receive an update on 19th of December that will stop devices from charging entirely meanwhile in Canada the update will turn off all radio communications. including phone, wi-fi and Bluetooth rendering the device useless.    The US network operator Version has refused to cooperate with the update citing customer safety and inhibility to contact family, first responders or medical professionals in emergency situations.

  It is unclear how UK operators are responding to this update. 

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