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New Dropbox Extensions will make your work simpler

Posted on Nov 12, 2018.

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Dropbox have recently announced their up-coming release of a new feature called 'Dropbox Extensions' that will make working through their system much easier than ever before. In the past, when working in Dropbox, it was a much lengthier process that you would have to undergo to get the finish product you were aiming for. However, Dropbox has now partnered with numerous big named brands such as Google and Microsoft, to create app extensions that aim to make the process of creating or using documents much simpler. 

After trialling a number of other Dropbox based apps in the past, such as Mailbox that never really took off, Dropbox have studied business based user's habits in order to find exactly what they need to function properly. They came to the conclusion that business based users who use Dropbox know exactly what type of app extensions they want for their business to be successful, and with that they want a seamless and simple way in order to use these apps. The main aim of Dropbox Extensions is for Dropbox to become the main place you go to have all of your apps under one roof, this way each app will work seamlessy with the other in their cloud storage. With Dropbox Extensions come a drop-down menu where you can view all of the extensions you have downloaded, similar to on MacOS or Windows. This drop-down menu allows you to use the 'open with' feature, avoiding having to open multiple different apps at once.

The Extensions that Dropbox have introduced, (created with partners such as Adobe, DocuSign, and Vimeo), aim to reduce the lengthy process of opening new in-web tabs to launch an app, reduce the amount of downloading and scanning for documents, make digital faxing documents directly to the recipeint a possibility, and provide automatic saving for any updates made. With these new processes in place, Dropbox aim to offer a fluid work-flow when jumping from one task to the next, meaning the amount of apps a person uses will be reduced. 

'Dropbox Extensions' will be available to all users on November 27th of this year, and they plan to keep making more partnerships in the future to continue creating quality extensions.

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