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Network, Service, Perks - Why O2 is the perfect package

Posted on Apr 04, 2018.

Why O2. It’s the thing that underpins O2’s network. It’s a network people can trust to be there when they need it. It’s those little treats that everybody loves. Just for being an O2 customer. And we’re proud to be in an exclusive partnership with them to give you the best advice and support.

What’s the O2 story?

Browse through our Why O2? PDF and find out why O2 is the perfect package.

The One Point - Why O2? | it's the thing that underpins O2's network

The One Point - Why O2? | A network for the future

The One Point - Why O2? | Why O2's network is great for business.

Together with O2, we understand that all our customers have their own Why O2 story. The reason why Why O2 is the perfect package.

Are you a mobile hairdresser who needs a reliable network so you can stay connected with your customers, wherever you find yourself?

Are you a plumber who needs new tech advice because your business is expanding?

Do you need your office to be wherever you are?

Or are you one of O2’s 25.5 million customers who enjoy those perks and treats that they give as a thank you for being with them?

What’s your story?

We’re proud to be working with such a committed customer centric network that:

  • Handles 120m calls and 150m texts a day and invests £2m a day in improving their network.

  • Offers free wifi in over 15,000 hotspots.

  • Has the lowest churn rate for any mobile network in Europe.

  • Gives you perks like O2 Open, O2 Priority.

  • Gives you money back if you recycle your device.

That’s the O2 story. So now tell us, what’s yours?

Whatever it is, talk to us. Because the more we know about you, the more expert advice we can give you. And the better we can meet your needs.

Give us a call today, and let us know what makes Why O2 the perfect package for you.

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