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Faster than Lightning: Direct your business down the fast lane

Posted on Aug 11, 2021.

You know that feeling when you're trying to download a file, and the Internet is so slow? Or when you're trying to make a video call, and a spotty connection dulls the whole experience.

We get it, and we understand why this problem matters since connectivity is so critical to modern business. We have listened closely to what our customers tell us about the technology issues causing them the most frustration. This is why we strive to offer blazing fast Internet that lets you download your crucial business data in seconds.

All of this speed means that our cloud storage will be available much more quickly than before. No more waiting around for hours on end while your data transfers from one location to another! And because there are no physical devices on your premises, it makes storing and accessing data simpler too. What's more, with faster Internet, if your team has taken advantage of remote working, you will benefit from crystal clear and dependable HD video calling.

With fast, reliable Internet, less waiting around means faster action. You can expect a rise in customer satisfaction when you see they can rely on you always to be there when they need you.

But these are the obvious benefits. Did you know that improving your connectivity can benefit your business in so many more ways? Let's take a look at seven opportunities that open up to businesses with dependable, fast Internet.

1 Harness the power of online tools

The increasing use of online tools in the workplace affects internet speed. With quick, reliable Internet, businesses can attain optimal functionality with programs like Microsoft 365, Sage, Dropbox and Eventbrite and internal CRM and ERP systems.

2 Protect your data with cloud storage

Cloud storage, and therefore the cloud's storage capacity, has been expanding due to internet connectivity. Cloud computing requires lag-free upload and download processes to be successful.

3 Financial transactions without the worry

It's essential to invest in a high-speed internet connection necessary for high volumes of financial transactions. A fast internet connection would make sure any online payment is processed without issue and allows your business reach to expand.

4 Hassle-free data backup automation

One of the significant benefits of having a superfast internet connection is setting automated data backups. This web strategy gives your employees access to robust data storage, and it also protects against supply shortages or other calamities that can affect networks down the line. You won't notice any difference in company productivity while these automatic backups are happening in the background.

5 Happy employees

Employees who face poor network speed find it challenging to focus on work. From routine administration up to product testing, every online task in your workplace can benefit from having good internet connectivity. And when you offer high-speed Internet, your employees are more likely to be focused and satisfied with their jobs.

6 Dependable VoIP services

VoIP services are more reliable on fast and dependable internet connections. VoIP is now used in various industries, such as education, healthcare and legal services, to name just three. When you have fast Internet speeds, it offers your employees the opportunity for uninterrupted long-distance voice or video calls when needed.

Did you know we supply VoIP services with Microsoft Teams and Webex integrations? Our position as a finalist for the 2020 Keeping Britain Working Awards says it all about how much your business could rely on us for VoIP services.

7 Meaningful contact with remote workers

If you want to reach clients to collaborate remotely, then high-speed Internet is necessary. If employees are working from home, a solid and reliable connection is essential for real-time video conferencing. A business with a remote team should have access to an optimal network set-up so that all staff can work efficiently without interruption.


It is common for small business owners to opt for a slow internet connection to save money. However, the stress caused by having a poor network speed will cost you even more over time. When you consider all of the benefits that a fast and reliable internet have on your business, it's clear that this is an excellent investment.

So act today, access faster internet speeds to improve your business performance. Your employees will be happier, more efficient and less frustrated in their day-to-day tasks when you have an optimal network setup for VoIP services or remote workers.

We'll help you reach clients remotely, so they feel connected and involved with our online collaboration tools like Microsoft 365, Webex and Sage programs without any lag time between uploads and downloads. When The One Point supplies your Business broadband, this is what's possible!

Don't let slow connection speed cost you money over time; contact us now to learn more about faster internet speeds and how they can help your business.

Get lightning fast business broadband from The One Point - up to 1 Gigabyte/per second speeds and crystal clear HD video calling.

Call us today on 01482 420150.

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