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Google+ remains a valid tool for marketers

Posted on Feb 22, 2017.

Are you using Google+ in your social media strategy? This social network has long been considered as a failed platform but all may not be as it seems.

For those who have abandoned Google+ long ago it may still be surprising that not only is this social network still around but has active user groups with millions of members, these are even growing using Google+ as their home.

google plus

These users make up many of the early adopters who used the platform to share imagery. Special interest has been paid to  Google+ by photographers with a range of groups catered for from landscape photography to product photography and even toy photography. These are not the only groups posting on this network with many image based interests finding a place on this network.

Google have recognised this and evolved, this year Google have finalised a new look to all its profile pages with new features allowing users to zoom in on photos, hide comments with low ratings. As well as the latest update has seen a return of the events feature popular with long time users.

One thing worth considering when deciding if this should be used as part of your strategy or not is that Google still used content shared on its own social network as a signal for SEO placement which means that just the act of having your content out there on this network can be a little bit more of a boost for your ranking.

For now, Google+ is her to stay and Google themselves are still invested in supporting this network and users.

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