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Latest European Commission proposal hopes for roaming charges to be abolished

Posted on Sep 22, 2016.

The European Commission are hoping that their latest proposal will see roaming charges abolished. This follows a previous draft that had sought to limit the number of days that consumers could use their mobile phone abroad but are now recommending that customers should be able to avoid occurring any extra fees so long as they stay within their monthly limits. A small surcharge could be added for those that go over similar to the existing charges a customer could expect to pay per additional usage at home.

roam like you're at home

This is in response both to the consumer need to limit excessively high bills and put a stop to those who have being caught out by huge bills when downloading films or other data during their European holidays as well as ensuring that “Roam like you're at home” services cannot be exploited by introducing safeguards to protect operators.

Recently operators have begun to notice that some consumers have been purchasing SIM cards with a large data cap for using exclusively when abroad and the European Commission are proposing operators will have the right to impose fees on any sims discovered to be used in this way. This could be applied when usage patterns differ from those used at home.

Some operators were concerned that phone users could easily avoid costs and sign up for a better deal in countries in other parts of the EU, then use surcharge-free roaming in their home country. This would not fit well with the spirit of the "roam like you're at home" proposals designed for periodic travel. While the original plans to limit this to 90 days did seem to fix the problem this too did not fit the core “roam like you’re at home” aim resulting in this latest revision.

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