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Dark Fibre: Learn what it is and how your business can benefit?

Posted on May 12, 2021.

Some brilliant technology has become commonplace in the office in recent years. Businesses have experienced transformations by taking advantage of new advances.

While technology such as 5G and IoT brings many advantages, we have also noticed an increasingly common connectivity complaint as the strain takes its toll. Bandwidth and latency problems are beginning to escalate until the whole existing network falls apart, causing businesses to use precious resources to get them back online.

Fortunately, we have been able to help plenty of customers overcome this problem by taking advantage of a network system that for many businesses already exists on-site, connecting directly to their office space and even connecting their multiple sites.

Introducing Dark Fibre.

Across the UK, telecom providers have been laying vast networks of fibre infrastructure. Since this is an expensive, disruptive and time-consuming process, telecom companies have laid more cabling than is needed.

This unused ‘dark’ fibre cable is just waiting for activations. At The One Point, we have helped many businesses turbocharge their connectivity by taking advantage of the dark fibre already installed. These businesses have been able to lease strands within these cables.

Dark Fibre is more than just scalability.

There are far more advantages to dark fibre for businesses than just scalability and flexibility.

Part of the flexibility of dark fibre is its ability to take advantage of multiple wavelengths through a process called wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM). DWDM enables the transmission of multiple data streams along different light wavelengths. We can compare this to the way that airlines can travel the same route at the same time by travelling at different altitudes.

This technology opens up the benefits of dark fibre to businesses of all kinds, not just large service providers and enterprises which huge staff numbers. Smaller companies may lease a single wavelength within a strand, and larger organisations may want access to entire strands.

With dark fibre, your privacy receives top-level protection for a network. That increased level of security for many businesses is a huge advantage. There can be no greater peace of mind when your network is dedicated physically to your business. Security and regulatory compliance are at the highest levels achievable for networks of this type.

Could increased speed and security make a positive impact on your business? Contact us today to find how we can connect your business to the power of dark fibre.

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