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Could Huawei be planning to drop the Honor 20 Series

Posted on Jun 18, 2019.

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The timing for the Honor 20 Series release has been unfortunate. Just days later the Huawei ban caused a great deal of uncertainty for its future.

The expectation has been that the device will sell poorly in international markets resulting in Huawei dropping its subsidiary Honor 20 Series altogether.

A response to this prediction has come from an Honor Spokesperson who spoke to Tech Radar to say that instead of dropping the smartphones altogether there is a plan to aggressively promote handsets in place.

Not everyone is aware of the relationship between Honor and Huawei so the reputation of the Honor 20 series may not have been tarnished as badly.

For many, the fact that the Honor 20 Series looks and feels like a premium smartphone will leave many keen to buy into this device priced as a mid-range smartphone.

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